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Suction pool cleaners

I dont think I can justify the cost of a full robot cleaner.  Does anyone have any good/bad experience of suction based automatic cleaners?  Do they work?  Are they worth the money?  Why are some €100 and some €500?  What should I be looking for?

I have a 10mx5m "double bubble" pool if that makes any difference.

A Barracuda seems to be common in UK or America but have not seen any on French sites.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Suction pool cleaners

I have one and I am totally happy with it.. not expensive, no electricity costs... does its thing...
It now.. clears the leaves above the water (skimmer), while hoovering the bottom and circulating the water .. all at the same time on the same electricity


pool is 12*6

I did have to fiddle with it a bit to get it to do a good job but it was not difficult... I ended up removing the suction controller and rely on my setting of the valve..

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Re: Suction pool cleaners

We used a Kreepy Krauly or Krawly for a few years and on balance were happy with it. See http://www.pentairpool.com/pdfs/kreepyfrDS.pdf  but also http://www.phil-schwartz.com/reviews/kreepykrauly/index.html . One word of warning don't leave the suction hose in the sunlight when not in use or it will fall apart after a short time, we found out the hard way!...........................JR
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Re: Suction pool cleaners

Osie, you have to run the pump when you are using your suction cleaner and that uses a hell of a lot more electricity that my electrical one. I was very lucky cause I bought it off of the seller when we bought the house so the cost was only 500€. No need to backwash after using it either. Our Dolphin 2001 does the bottom, walls and cleans the waterline too and look just like a psyclodelic tank to boot Cool [8-|]

Common to both is that you can't swim with them in the pool or you will stir up the muck that you are trying to get rid of. I just chuck ours in first thing and it is finished in 6 hours and quite often doesn't have to run the full time.

As has been said, if you are buying new then they are a lot more expensive, but I wouldn't swop mine!


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Re: Suction pool cleaners

I have a Barracuda which I was left by the previous owners and I use it maybe a couple of times a year. With pools up to about 15x5m, I think the outlay is not worth it as cleaning by hand should not take more than 15 minutes and probably better. In any event the exercise is good.


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Re: Suction pool cleaners

I agree with Jonzjob.

They are more pricey but do not fill your filter with rubbish and dirt. If you take a look in the robots filter bag after cleaning up from a storm it really is very dirty.  I also have a barracuda as backup which charges around the pool quite nicely and its worth backwashing and rinsing before you use as it increases the performance.

There are cheapy versions, bought a 49 euro one which did just as good a job as the more expensive barracuda IMO but the plastic only lasted two seasons before bits began to break off.

Nothing wrong with hand brushing and vacuum, the male equivalent of ironing Big Smile [:D] but it does put the dirt into your filter so backwashing and rinsing is essential afterwards.

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Re: Suction pool cleaners

When the Kreepy got a bit geriatric we replaced it with a Zodiac Indigo http://www.piscines-online.com/robot-piscine-electrique-zodiac-indigo.html and paid a h*ll of a lot less than this ad by haggling. Took an on-line ad at a lower price for it to Desjoyaux and got a good reduction on their asking price plus some free filter bags. Has worked well, touche du bois, but is not programmable and wanders around at random. Really does pick up everything given time. Has a 1.5 hour setting and a 3 hour setting. Does steps and round the top edge as well as the walls........................................................JR

PS It did try to swallow its own cable once but that is just a matter of positioning and it has not done it again!

PPS There seem to be quite a few French ads for Baracuda cleaners like this one http://www.piscines-online.com/robot-baracuda.html

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Re: Suction pool cleaners

If anyone has a robot and is interested, disposable bags work very well and can be re-used several times.


Passivpool Energy "A++" rated Swimming Pools, the lowest running costs in the Universe.
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