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Education translation

I help out at a local lycée professionnel (probably the first time I have correctly spelt it!) and they have asked me to translate a letter to parents informing them that their son will be held in detention for une betisse.

His parents are English and dont speak French, I think the lycée are expecting more such occurences as they want to create a sort of standard form letter as there is another Polish student whose parents dont speak French, the English lad has not done anything I didnt do at his age and I dont think it is related to the difficulties he is finding in learning in French.

Anyway it was difficult for me to do on the phone, I much prefer to see the document in its entirety but hey-ho its done now but I have one lingering doubt that perhaps with some help from you good people I could have found a translation for one of the terms.

It was the job title or name if you like of the person responsible for discipline in the lycéé, IIRC it was C.P.E. or something similar, perhaps Conseilleur Principal D'éducation but their responsibilty is as I described.

Is there an equivalent position or job title in the English education system?

Many thanks

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Re: Education translation

Long time since I was in the UK system, but would it be something like Head of Pastoral care?

The two systems are very different with no exact equivalents

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Re: Education translation

Maybe Norman, thanks for the idea.

Perhaps just a general translation of the title of C.P.E.?

I suppose that is what you have suggested.

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Re: Education translation

As Norman said there is no equivilent, I'd keep it simple and just call them the Chief School Councellor.

I would never suggest you mention pastoral care, no one does 'that' in french schools.

And frankly, what the xell are the school playing at sending letters out in english. IF they live in France and expect their kid to be educated there, the least they can do is learn the darned language. I really disapprove of this lycee doing this.
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Re: Education translation

Actually, if I may broaden this subject a little, there is an important general point here: get the document checked out by a native speaker of the language.

Although I agree with idun's point about the school not sending the letter in French, I have seen many examples of notes, information, advertising brochures etc written in - sometimes - risable English. I remember a safety notice written in English by a campsite owner. His spoken English was very good, but he was all at sea with its written form. What was so ridiculous about this was that he had an English daughter-in-law and he hadn't bothered to ask her to check it.

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Re: Education translation

 Clarkkent wrote:

: get the document checked out by a native speaker of the language.

Did I misunderstand?  Isn't that exactly what they did in asking Chance in the first place?Confused [8-)]

As a general point though, CK, I do agree - you should see the ACO's English version of its website -  I think they just press the babelfish button and leave it at that.  As good as pointless.

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Re: Education translation

I think Clark Kent was re-inforcing the importance of what they are doing by asking me, a (practically illiterate) native speaker of English.

I think the lycée are trying to make an effort with this lad as he is already a bit disadvantaged compared to the others, if they sent the note in French his parents would probably ask him to explain it!

An example of the misunderstandings that can occur, my friend the English teacher had a done a perfectly good translation but wisely wanted to pass it by me, as it was drafted it read that he had to present himself with the signed letter to the C.P.E. within the first hour of the 3 hour detention whereas "des la premiere heure" actually meant straight away, even I had to double check.

I will go with chief school councillor on the basis that as a semi illiterate native speaker I had never heard of the term before Big Smile [:D]

thank you all for your help and comments


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Geeked [geek]

Re: Education translation

Chancer wrote "chief school councillor"

Shouldn't that be counsellor?


Do I come here often?
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