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very frightened

How do you say in french "she's very frightened"?
I said "elle a très peur"  but it doesn't sound right.
What would it be in the past ?(she was very frightened.)

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Re: very frightened

I can think of three words 'epouvante', 'terreur' and 'effroi' as well as peur. All the degrees of being terrified, scared and fearful.


Any idea which you want?

edit  there is terrifant too.

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Re: very frightened

Elle a la trouille
Elle avait la trouille

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Re: very frightened

Trouille is good, but how about "elle a une trouille terrible!"

("elle avait une trouille terrible" or "elle a eu une trouille terrible", depending on what past tense you need for the context.


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Re: very frightened

Yes, another one, lots of words for being afraid. I'd forgotten 'trouille'.
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Re: very frightened

Thanks for all the suggestions, more complicated than I thought.
Then there's craintif, -ive as well. and timide.
I was on the phone this morning describing the condition of our dog after 2 days of the chasse shooting cailles in the  back field. She was shaking like a leaf for ages, at least "elle tremble" seems to be ok.
After I rang the owner of the land, the shooting stopped.
Just a thought - they say the more words there are for something in a language the more it's a common characteristic of the people  Wink [;-)]

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Re: very frightened

" Elle a très peur " is good.

You can also say :

 " elle est terrifiée " ,

 " elle a la trouille " ( but that's more familiar) 

" elle est terrorisée " ...

Give her a cuddle for me anyway !!!

Life has a habit of biting you on the bum in ways that you least expect.............

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Re: very frightened

If you feel that 'elle a très peur' is not strong enough, just add 'très'.

'Elle a très très très peur...'


Andrew 44

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