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Christmas Dinner

Will you be having the Anthony Peregrine version ?
He seems to have forgotten to mention that most people have this on the evening of the 24th...
His menu


Foie gras
Capon with truffles

has left out the bûche as well...

I will be having my usual tin of Lidl ravioli, (this year followed by an apple to push it though the system)  but for the more fortunate among you,

Bon Appetit.

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- Bertrand Russell
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Re: Christmas Dinner

Duh, silly Peregrine man. I don't know of anyone who has just that for their reveillon. Every meal I have ever had has had at least twice as many courses as that and yes, he left out the buche.

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Re: Christmas Dinner

Norman, I shall think of you when we are eating our sandwiches whilst out walking the dog.

There was one year when we took our sandwiches to walk in the Afan valley near Port Talbot in South Wales on Christmas Day.  It started to snow and the light amongst the trees was utterly enchanting; ethereal and beautiful.  The dog was in her seventh heaven.

Then, as we descended from the heights to return to the car park, we saw just such another mad couple as ourselves.  And they, too, were having a picnic in the freezing cold with their dogs.

Some of us really, really love our alternative Christmas, don't we?

Apprendre une langue, c'est faire un voyage différent chaque jour.
from Fle pour les curieux
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Re: Christmas Dinner

If I was on my own at christmas, I'd have a sandwich too, but at some point over the fetes I would have some treats too.

As it is we are doing a traditional english xmas with my old Dad and a friend of his who finds herself alone this year. For the revillon, I have a few treats in the fridge though.

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Re: Christmas Dinner

Doing xmas alone occasionally is excellent. Last time I did so, I lived in Aberdeen. I had a pizza delivered and spent the day watching dvd's and getting drunk.

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Re: Christmas Dinner

You can take the man out of Scotland.............Smile [:)]
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Re: Christmas Dinner

Christmas is a difficult and haunting time for some, and for me it is the perfect excuse to celebrate life with the family, especially the grandchildren. This year it's son's outlaw's turn and I have no idea what we'll be eating except that I've been asked to top and tail it, so for starters we'll be having  dead-good-blinis and for after I've made  champagne-charlie icecream if there was nothing else it's fine on its own. Have a good one whatever yours is . . . Smile [:)]

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Re: Christmas Dinner

Oh Norman, what luxury, all we've got is a photograph of a turkey and a tin of Spam.


"Growing Old is Inevitable - Growing up is Totally Optional"

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