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Tea Room

Hi, I am thinking of opening a small tea room and was wondering if anyone had any experience of this in France or could point me in the right direction to check out the legislation etc.  All advice/pointers much appreciated, thanks
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Re: Tea Room

As the French believe tea is for medicinal purposes I think you may struggle to convince them and would there be enough custom from the UK otherwise unless of course you intend to sell medicinal tea.
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Re: Tea Room

 Suggest you look at the site for the English run Café Cake at Le Lude.....nice little tea room/café which seems successful, lovely cakes etc and a rather fun Fish Chips and Peas offering on a Friday night.  Maybe you could contact them ??
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Re: Tea Room

Advice - Go to your chamber of commerce and find out firstly about the hygiene regs, secondly about the different business régimes that you could register under, the taxes and charges etc
Pointer - Choose an area with a high concentration of Brits.
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Re: Tea Room

Many thanks for the replies everyone. 

I never even thought of the chamber of commece!  Will go see them next week, thanks again

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Re: Tea Room

All I can add is don't rush in, find a suitable location that would have the clientele and do plenty of homework on running a business in France - it is nothing like the UK and many small cafés and restos are struggling because of high horrendous social charges that have to be paid regardless of whether you have income or not and because the population are currently economising regarding treats such as meals out etc. You would do better in a large busy town or city or a popular year round holiday destination than out in the sticks where no one would use the place.Also not just tea but more coffee as tea english style is not popular in France and certainly not with milk etc.The rules for providing food and drink are very strict and for making your own cakes etc, they will want to inspect and insist you have proper equipment etc.
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Re: Tea Room

If you are in a tourist area with lots of UK tourists then it may work, there are two around here that make a living.

If not then it should be a salon de thé and not a tetley or yorkshire teabag in sight nor milk!

Of the two mentioned above which are on the marked tourist trail one was always marketted as a salon de thé and only really succeeded once it started doing lunchtime meals for the French.

I think tha most salon de thé's are in large metropoles with a big footfall.

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Re: Tea Room

You will have to follow a course in food hygiene in French.

At least one of the staff has to be qualified

You should also take a course in running a small business and get to know French taxes and social contributions as well as accountancy.

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