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A New Life in the Sun programme

"Just remembered there is prog on channel 4 each afternoon...... A New Life in the Sun and one woman has moved to France and stated that it is 15 times better than her life in the UK? Such statements make me want to scream at the tv (I don't)............ as there was no justification for such a remark so I want the WHY AND HOW of that statement, as it is beyond me."

Idun mentioned this on the life after Brexit post.

Have to admit that I am rather hooked on this piece of daytime t.v. A bit of R&R before thinking about making supper.Wink [;-)]

FWIW, my observations:

The Spanish ones mostly seem to be very much existing there on a wing and a prayer . Of the French ones I have seen the vineyard owners and the couple with the car spares business seem to have the best chance of survival.
The most recent couple with a new gîte business near Aubeterre did at least employ a French electrician. The others probably won't endear themselves to the local community by not employing local French artisans.

I would dearly like to revisit some of these dreamers during the winter months when the rain is raining and the sun doesn't shine.

Anyone else have any observations?

The presenter's French accent makes me cringeWhistles [Www]

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Re: A New Life in the Sun programme

I have to confess to a guilty addiction to this type of programme. Most people on them seem to have such a serious case of rose-coloured specs that I want to give them a good shake. You hear so much about the gite / B&B business being all but saturated, and see restaurants and bars closing down all over the place, yet still they come. But of course good luck to them all. And wouldn't it be a good idea if someone actually made a programme about the pitfalls of moving to a new country, the administration and bureaucracy it entails ? No matter where you move to I doubt very much whether it's simply a case of upping sticks and plonking yourself in another culture and another language, opening a bottle and happily watching the sunset. For example, a lady on last night's programme, hoping to run a B&B, seemed flabbergasted to receive a large volume of rules and regulations detailing the legal requirements of such a business.
I don't think I've seen one programme, whether it be the house-search Place in the Sun variety or the present new life one, showing a 'warts and all' picture of making such a move.

But then it wouldn't make such good TV would it?
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Re: A New Life in the Sun programme

"But then it wouldn't make such good TV would it?"

Indeed, it's the sun, sunflowers, seaside and ................... cheap wine, that seem to sell the dream and these programmes.Wink [;-)]

I  was surprised to see the couple near Aubeterre sitting by their pool on a very hot day with their house in the background clearly showing all the shutters and windows wide open! They'll learn!

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Re: A New Life in the Sun programme

That would make it seem like France would not suit me, and yet it did...... I was there long enough! And wouldn't have stayed if it hadn't.

WHY? because I did not like the sun, hardly drink and will not even cook with 'cheap wine' and HATE sunflowers.......... sinister plants!

I only ever see the last few minutes of this particular program as I watch Come Dine with Me, which is on afterwards.

In fairness sometimes they do show 'Nightmare Abroad' programs, but I suppose that that is only when things have gone really really wrong.

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Re: A New Life in the Sun programme

If anyone knows when the car spares one will be repeated I would like to watch it.


Its not the to55er that I saw once before on TV is it? the one that was selling stainless steel exhausts to classic enthusiasts, the one decked out in tweed and plus fours with a phony affected English accent?

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Re: A New Life in the Sun programme

No, somebody else running spare parts for landrovers (he and wife new to this line of work). She was a down to earth school teacher. Came over as a nice couple, I hope they do well.
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Re: A New Life in the Sun programme

We have seen some of the programs and the ones running bars etc do long hours , awkward customers, and say that they are living the dream ! Also in business yet can not speak the language of that country. I wish them all good luck and hope it works out.
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Re: A New Life in the Sun programme

My peche mignon is Come Dine with me, so I often catch the end of this program and yesterday saw most of it by chance. 

In Spain a couple who rent a boat and take fishing trips say that they undercut their competitors........... and OH and I looked at one another and both made a face..........

....... now why would that be..... are they working under the same rules, paying into the system and are insured....... as the other fishing trip operators, hopefully should be? This is not an accusation, just wondering as that was never mentioned!Whistles [Www]

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