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Yorkshire Puds

I have to make some Yorkshire puds. I have done some in the past but they don't rise. They end up looking like frisbees.

Any secret tips/recipes.

Some same you have to use lard as oil....but you can't buy lard in France.

Any ideas ?
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: Yorkshire Puds

Dripping is the best to use, but you can't get that in France either.

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Re: Yorkshire Puds

You can do it with oil, but I agree dripping or lard are better.

Make sure your mixture is not too thick. It should be really runny.
Make sure the fat/oil is very very hot before putting the mixture in the over. Lard should be at smoking point. This means you need a high temperature resistant oil. Rape seed oil is probably the best to go for.
Once the puds are in the oven, leave the door shut until they are done. If you open the door they will cease rising. If you continually open and shut the door - putting in or taking out other things - they will indeed end up flat as a pancake.

EDIT to add: Make the batter mixture 1-2 hours before use.

The trouble with all these things is that things that are obvious and automatic to you may not be obvious to someone else.

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Re: Yorkshire Puds

"Saindoux" is lard - or seems to be. Sold in packets like butter but usually on the cheese/ham counter or near things like paté. 
I use it in the pastry I make for mince pies. 8oz flour, 5 oz butter and 1oz lard. Mix with an egg yolk and 2 tbsp water.  These days I put the whole lot in a magimix!
I can't make Yorkshire puds, but see above that not opeing the oven door may help so will try again.
Happy Christmas

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Re: Yorkshire Puds

Hereford, don't forget to get the fat really, really hot before you pour in the batter.

And don't cook them with anything else in the oven such as vegetables or anything producing steam.

Top third of the oven but leave room for them to rise without hitting the roof of the ovenBig Smile [:D]


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Re: Yorkshire Puds

Thanks to all that have contributed.

What batter mix do you prefer ?
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: Yorkshire Puds

Get it right and you'll be rewarded with something like this, actually toad in the hole but same mixture and cooking procedure.

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Re: Yorkshire Puds

If you want to have a yorkshire pudding you will have to remove a few other items from or around your plate!


I trust none of you will be exceeding the above limits tomorrow, I would have a more healthy feculant than the potatoes but an equal amount, nothing outside of the plate, at least twice as many vegetables and no dessert.

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