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French motorists are just thick as...

French motorists are just thick as...pîg shît. Basically.

Excuse my language.

ALBF 10 mins ago was nearly brown bread.

On a cycle with traffic behind me I stuck my left hand out to move into the centre of the road to turn left. Looked behind beforehand and I had plenty of space between me and the car behind.

SOME OLD BAT decided to overtake me (thick white that was illegal in itself) and narrowly missed... me....AND...AND the car coming towards her when she went on their side of the road. Pulls in of course and I skidded basically to a halt. Old bat probably ***.

This was in town. She was gaining nothing in doing this because we were in traffic.

Boy, that was close.

So Mr Marcon...reducing the speed limit is not going to change anything.

Here is a thought, teach your f****** drivers how to drive.

There was a a big crash yesterday involving school a bus and school children. A clio or something just turned in front of the bus. Reducing the speed limit is not going change that stupid idiot behaviour.

Rant over.

F*** me that was close.
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: French motorists are just thick as...

I read about that awful school bus crash today in our local paper - Manciet, not far from us in the Gers.
As for your near miss, ALBF, it could have happened anywhere.
Although I'm a driver ancienne myself,  I do think France is going to have to bring in some legislation to test the road-worthiness of older drivers. Every time I go shopping here I see elderly people with a variety of disabilities, much worse than mine, climbing back with difficulty into their 20+ year old cars and pootering off. Fingers crossed.
Luckily the roads are very quiet here.

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Re: French motorists are just thick as...

Why not use the bike lane or perhaps walk or use public transport - much safer.

NB ALBF was in town.

My name is Richard , not Dick or any variant.
Dick is a crude name for a functional organ that is used as a derogatory name. Any reference to me as Dick will be met with equivalent response. Strange that it cant be policed better.
ex Consultant NHS

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Re: French motorists are just thick as...

I have been knocked off my bike in town more times than I can recall, never happened once in the UK, at least twice on a cycle paths, I was once chased a couple of hundred metres along one by a maniac reversing.


The cyclepath was put in at great expense to provide safety for the factory workers either cycling or walking, I zm one of the few two wheel users loads of cars use it either as a short cut, to overtake or to avoid the regular convoi exceptionelles, when they do they take great exception to a cyclist who will not get out of their way.

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Re: French motorists are just thick as...

What is wrong with someone owning a 20 year old car?


You make it sound as bad as being older or more disabled than you are.

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Re: French motorists are just thick as...

I have never been knocked of my bike in France, England, Germany, Austria or the Netherlands, countries where I have cycled thousands of kilometres. My son has never been knocked off his bicycle despite commuting in London daily and cycle touring throughout Europe. Anyone who has been knocked off their bicycle too many times to remember is doing something seriously wrong!
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Re: French motorists are just thick as...

Aint that the truth!


Its the price of choosing to live in a community that inspired the film Idiocracy.

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Re: French motorists are just thick as...

For some strange reason French drivers do not seem to have been taught the importance of road positioning - or reading the road postioning of other drivers.
IE - A driver/rider has checked behind, signals left in good time and moves left to postion just to the right of the centre line or crown of the road and is approaching an entrance/driveway, then slowly comes to a halt waiting for oncoming traffic to clear before turning into the entrance. This happens to me every Saturday on our regular shopping run turning into our local Intermarché.
50% of the time the following driver ends up stopped, half a metre from my back bumper, wondering what is going on, and there is more than car's width available to pass my car on the right.
So yes - driver training in France needs overhauling!

At any time the urge to sing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" is only a whim away.
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