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hiring someone in france


If I wanted to hire someone casually, for a month or 2, to do general garden work, labouring, how would I do this locally?

Let's say someone from a forum or locally, agreed to work for whatever fee. How would I pay them legally? I guess if there were autoentrepreneur it could work? And for insurance they would sign something to say if they got injured doing any light work, they have their own medical/health insurance.

Probably a really stupid question but I could hire someone for a couple of months for general labouring and garden work.

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Re: hiring someone in france

You need to look into the cheque emploi service CESU.

Or find someone who is registered to work as self employed.

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Re: hiring someone in france

Idun, can a non-resident, non-French-taxpayer use CESU? I've always assumed not...
Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.
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Re: hiring someone in france

Ask loiseau, I think she did it.
Too thick for a PhD!
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Re: hiring someone in france

When we arrived in France in 2002 in all innocence I put an ad in the local paper for someone to do that kind of work. We were inundated with replies (phone) and found a very good man (french) who  worked for us for several years. We just paid him cash, not realising it was illegal.
After about 8 years we moved to another house in the same dept., and he said he couldn't continue to work for us. I wonder if the tax people had caught up with him?
We could have been fined too, for not paying the employer's part of the tax.
He remained a good friend, socially, and full of good advice.

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Re: hiring someone in france

I have no idea about non residents using CESU.

I remember when it started and all I thought one had to do 'then' was have a french bank account so that the right amount could be debited from the bank account with the charges included on it, and the employee, got the amount they were entitled to.

Then ofcourse, the employer, could claim against their tax bill, but if one doesn't pay tax in France, then one doesn't pay tax in France, then what is debited from one's account, then that's the bill.

Just how I thought it worked, but I may be wrong....... I often am.

AND at the time, it seemed like a cheaper way of employing someone than using a fully registered artisan.

I seem to remember that there were changes in the recent past and that is for the OP to look up isn't it, or just go to the pages jaunes and get an artisan, who would be more costly?

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Re: hiring someone in france

Very interesting. CESU, will "check" it out ;-)

Registered to work as self employed, you mean autoentrepreneur right?
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Re: hiring someone in france

Would that be it??? ( link should be live)

And the other thing I read was that if using the CESU, then an employer couldn't claim tax against the payments, which is what I suggested.

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