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Confused [8-)]

coffee van

i wonder if it is possible to live in france but register business in england, wanting to set up mobile coffee van in france, regulations seem very complicated, so i wonder if it is easier to do it as an english business?
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Re: coffee van

No it isn't, business in France, registration in France........... and with a bar in most vilages and on every corner in every town doing coffee exactly where are you going to sell the stuff?
All sweetness and light on this part of the Forum.
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Re: coffee van

 with all these bars in France and all the coffee beans...why is it so hard to get really good coffee?Do they clean the machines properly I wonder...each night the machine needs  a special clean...not talking about the areas visiable...talking about the arears where the coffee and water pass through ...as, of course stail coffee collects.Also are the bars interested in quality beans?

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Re: coffee van

The trouble with coffee in france is that it is often stale. I don't know why. I had a cafe in UK and we would only grind a small amount of beans at a time so the coffee was freshly ground. The machine was also back flushed and cleaned every night. It would not surprise me if this was never done in some of these cafes. Also WHY oh WHY when you ask for a creme here in france do they BOIL the milk. From what I can remember from making lattes etc in UK the milk only needed to get to 75 degrees for a lovely frothy coffee. I say go for your van - I would certainly visit if you did decent coffee something very rare in the carcassonne area. (by the way if you ask for a cappucino here you get whipped cream and hundreds and thousands on top!)
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Re: coffee van

A bit off topic, but has anyone seen (or heard) an ice cream van in France?
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Re: coffee van

 heidi h wrote:
I say go for your van - I would certainly visit if you did decent coffee something very rare in the carcassonne area. (by the way if you ask for a cappucino here you get whipped cream and hundreds and thousands on top!)

Yes Heidi I have found this in Carcassonne and every cafe will make it different and in different size cups as well , when asking for a cafe creme i have been given , black coffe with a small side jug of milk and once creme, filter coffee with milk in , an epresso topped up with far to much boiled milk and filter coffee with boiled milk, never once though have i ever been given instant like you would get in england!!Smile [:)] I have given up asking for a cappicinno as I hate squirty creme especially in the morning . One place I did find in carcassonne ( johnzob will corect the name if i get it wrong) is the Petti Moca on the square on the same side as the sociecty general bank. They make nice coffee .

So take your van to the canal side in Carcassonne give us good coffee and Heidi and I will join you there one morning and Im sure we can drag Johnszob there with us Big Smile [:D] as long as you take dogs as well 

Dirty Tom =^..^=
Where ever I lay my paw thats my home

I support SPA Carcassonne ...go get a dog today
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Big Smile [:D]

Re: coffee van

thanks for the positive feedback, have friends near carcassonne but sorry, will be moving to brittany, better for soft english horses, you are right about not getting good coffee in france. we noticed that most of the market stallholders seemed to find a local hotel if one available to get their coffee . also  dont want a cafe/bar as we are hopeing to slow down a bit, dont want to make a fortune ,just enough to get by, also thought  it would be a good way to integrate into community. thought maybe selling coffee near to university might work, french youngsters are great fun and always willing to try new things. anyway im sure that sarkosy is going to make it easier for people to start a new business venture.    hear lots of bad things about beurocrasy but im sure thats the same everywhere, hey we are going to give it a go anyway, better to fail trying, isnt that what they say
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Re: coffee van

Hello, I was just wondering if you ever got the coffee van idea going, as I would like to do one myself and would love any help / good advice. I have lived in France for 10 years now and all that time worked in Bars and restaurants, but for the last 5 years I have worked in a cafe and have became a pretty good Barista, I love what I do but would love to work for myself. The coffee van seems to me like a good idea, as I could move around, ( outside of schools for the moms at the end of the school day, beach car parks at weekends and so on) Well thanks for any advice.
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