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Re: Hopeless!

 You can call me Betty wrote:
The question I am most often asked, and most dread, and the one most often asked by what turn out to be the least committed students is, unfortunately, " how long doYou reckon it will take till I am fluent?"

We were discussing this on another forum recently when I wrote that just when I thought I'd got the hang of speaking french, a native speaker comes up with a whole string of synonyms which I'd never heard of, not in my dictionary. (5E was there.)
But I love the language, it's very musical, and I do my best.

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Re: Hopeless!

 Pommier wrote:

I would have thought that the danger in two non-French speaking people conversing only in French with each other, is that they would create their own version of franglais, since neither of them would know enough to be sure that they are correct.

Idun - I'd have been there with the blunt instrument!!

Whistles [Www] I have to point out that any such thoughts have never been acted upon.

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Re: Hopeless!

With regard to attaining fluency in a language, I always think it helps if you are a good listener. That way you can recognise frequently-occurring phrases, and also take in the nuances of pronunciation and inflection.

I was interested, Ron, that you did not mention watching French TV as a useful aide. Many people I know have found that extremely helpful, especially quiz programmes such as "Qui veut être milliardaire", where one already knows the format, and the questions appear on the screen as well as being spoken.

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Re: Hopeless!

I have no idea how good your french is RB and it all seems very eccentric to me and I could never live like you have. I haven't a clue how it works and don't need to.

As to Betty, the thing that I appreciate about her, is her straightforwardness, very like most french people I know. I have no idea why, in your entourage, there are not such people. Leads to a great evening and very interesting discussions.edit: and very good friendships!Big Smile [:D]

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Re: Hopeless!

Something which has hindered me is that I don't have very good hearing, especially if there's more than one person talking or any other noises, and that could apply to lots of older people. I'm fine if theres no background noise, but so often I've had to ask people to repeat what they've said because I simply haven't heard it all. In English your brain fills in the gaps so usually you get the gist but it's much harder in another language.
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Re: Hopeless!

In management training, its widely taught that 70% of all communication is non-verbal. Body language helps in communicating for sure, and I found it that bit easier face-to-face than over the phone.
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Re: Hopeless!

Good point Chris - it's a bit like when I walk out of the flight deck chewing my neatly manicured fingernails - you should see the look on the passengers' faces - no translation needed.....

It's about making yourself understood - not about how many conjugations you can manage in 20 seconds! How on earth do 'elderly' people cope when communicating with babies, deaf / disabled people, animals etc - they 'adapt' , they cope and they're understood!

You can always find a reason NOT to do something...

Bin the French lessons, save the money and get out there!

Chiefluvvie :-)
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Re: Hopeless!

Haahahaha! And just when I was starting to warm to you , CL, you come along and start taking the bread from my mouth! (Smiley)
Still, I reckon I will survive.

Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.
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