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Re: Internet via 3G or 4G

Martin, no problem at all.


Albof, I have zero knowledge or competence in this subject so am not able to decide what I am told is rubbish or otherwise, I rely on the provenance of the person, someone whos competence I trust said that when several devices are sharing bandwidth priority is given to video so your daughter may be preventing you from doing what you want.


Certainly when I have guests watching films or videos that is when my speed slows to next to nothing, I unplug the guest router and all is well, do it a few times and they stop trying. I also have to do it when shouty Australian grannies Skype their offspring with the Windows wide open.

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Re: Internet via 3G or 4G

Just a quick report on the newly arrived

Huawei B315s-22 4G LTE/WiFi

With the Sosh card I was delighted to be able to get a reasonable 4G signal at the house (for SFR on the existing router it's installed up in a barn attic at some distance from the house,  as the SFR signal here is weaker than that of Orange/Sosh).   The Huawei doesn't  come with external aerials so that was a pleasant surprise.

The phone (which you plug in via an RJ11 and allows you to use the SIM card for telephoning) works faultlessly,  and in fact when you pick up the phone there's even conventional French dialling tone there.   Our cordless phones work fine on it.


The PIN management is different to the TP link modem,   in that the Huawei encourages you (defaults in fact) to switching the SIM card PIN off (or de-activating it).    The SOSH card - taken out of the Huawei and put back in a phone) is now behaving erratically in our Nokia 2G mobile phone,   although it hooks up with the Orange network it rarely allows one to make a call,  one dials,  waits,  and then there are three little pips and the phone drops back to idle.  

So I reactivated the PIN system for the Sosh card,  but still have an unreliable performance in the Nokia.   However,  in an even older Nokia there appears to be no problem,  it's as though one Nokia has taken agin the SOSH card since it's been in the Huawei.

Turning to SFR,  I tried that in the Huawei.   In spite of the router's unfavourable situation in the house as far as SFR coverage is concerned,  it does produce a weak but stable 4G signal,   albeit running at only 8 Mbps.   However,  the phone part simply refuses to work,  I cannot make calls via the Huawei whilst the SFR card is there.

So a mixed report,  and certainly given the problems that MAY have been engendered on the SOSH card,   and the fact the phone bit doesn't work with SFR,   I have to say that maybe this isn't the box for use in France.....   However,  in our case the SOSH/Huawei combination works so we now have TWO relatively fast 4G internet signals simultaneously in the house,  and if someone rings us we don't have to hunt for the mobile.

And @ johnnyboy,   the fact that SFR phoning doesn't work on a Huawei does make me wonder whether your problem IS one simply of incompatibility.

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Re: Internet via 3G or 4G

Some interesting info there Martin, I seem to have hit a 2G download limit with the SFR, so no longer connecting to internet. Was thinking of the SOSH card to try in the router, in the blurb it says 20Go mobile internet (€19.99 deal) am I going to hit a similar limit on that or not I wonder?
SIL has not really had chance to investigate so far, as his parents - in law were here too and things have been quite hectic!
Fingers crossed to have something to report at some stage:)

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Re: Internet via 3G or 4G

I've forgotten johnnyboy - what is your SFR monthly limit?

Using the modem and with the two of us doing moderate browsing (particularly in this awful miserable weather) we get through about 1 GB per day,  so the 100 GB monthly is more than comfortable.   However,  we don't do much video watching,  and that does use data up....

As to the SOSH card in the Nokia phone problem,   I was minded suddenly to try googling "Nokia 100 hard reset" - not that I thought that a piece of kit so simple could even have the option of a hard reset.

However,  I did a factory reset and the problem with the SOSH card has gone away - thank goodness.    It did seem to be the case that whatever had gone wrong with the combination rendered the phone much less sensitive to the 2G signal,  it was noticeable that in a weak area (near the house) almost all the calls failed,   whereas climbing the hill to an area of better reception meant that 1 in 3 calls succeeded.   I've got some technical chums on the case trying to work out what happened.....

I originally had the 20 Euro Sosh card offer,   but increased it to the 25 Euro one, partly to get 40 GB per month instead of 20 GB,  also because at 25 Euro per month you get European land line (not mobiles) calls from France thrown in.

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Re: Internet via 3G or 4G

Thanks Martin, all good info. I am currently on the €19.99 SFR forfait, which gives just 2 Go of download apparently.( I've just hit the buffers!) The SOSH deal specifically states that you can use it for tethering in order to get VOIP/skype etc though. Will order one soonest!!
Your info ref the telephone was interesting and I'll get the €25.00 forfait I think.
Thanks again and will post as soon as I have some more info.

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Re: Internet via 3G or 4G

OK,  keep me posted.

A correction for yesterday's information;    for no reason I can explain I tried the SFR card a second time in the Huawei,   and this time the phone facility worked perfectly.  

Which doesn't leave us any nearer knowing why your (johnnyboy) SFR card doesn't like the router you've got.

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Re: Internet via 3G or 4G

Martin, have just received my SOSH sim card, did you initiate yours in your phone first and then transfer to the router please?

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Re: Internet via 3G or 4G

Yes I did (initiate in a phone first,  in my case a Nokia 100,  just to check that it could make calls OK).     

You do have to initiate the Sosh card,   I think I did it by ringing 0800 100 740 (see the leaflet) but I can't remember what the actual stages were,  maybe they gave me a code to enter in the phone.....

But it wasn't difficult.   Sorry I can't remember the details....

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