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Re: Colic

One of my boys used to get terrible colic as a babe and this is what we did (as advised by ..... I can't remember now)

Anyway, lay the babe face down on your forearm, bum towards your elbow and your hand palm upwards supporting head and upper chest.  The babes arms and legs should hang down so the babe is sort of draped along your arm.  Optional gentle rubbing of back and soothing noises may be made.

For us it worked almost instantly, at the very least it's worth a try as it can do no harm.

BTW, I always performed this duty as my arm/hands are much larger than OHs   


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Re: Colic


I did exactly the same thing Pierre with my son, it was the only way to stop him howling every evening from 5 until 8.  It does stop around 3 months, hence the name I guess!  Interesting that we are all saying 'he' I did read somewhere it as usually a male child problem, dont know why that would be??  I also used tried all the products mentiond iwth varying degrees of success.


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Re: Colic

 rodie wrote:
we  had an cranial ostepath and it really helped ,he cried for the first 3 months before we had the treatment , i dont know if they have this in france , we tried everthing to stop him crying , he is 5 mois now and alot better

Oh Rodie... My OH says how his eldest daughter cried for the first year and nothing helped until she had cranial massage... it worked too... not sure if her problem was colic but it was brilliant and transformed everyone's life! 

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Re: Colic

Hello, I was just reading this and wanted to say that both my children had 2 cranial treatments, here in France - 1 at around 6 weeks (I think?) and the other at 6 months. The first didn't have colic, but was a bit windy - anyway; I still think the treatment helped them to very calm and non-fussy babies. I can recommend a doctor south of Limoges in 87.
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