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Re: Do you now have to pay to register as an AE???

 Fiona wrote:

Now I am worried!  The site looked genuine, the form looked genuine - it was only when it got to the payment part that I wondered what was going on.  But then I thought maybe it's paying for an accountant or similar to help process your application.  I have entered my address, dob, social security number there!!!  What should I do?


Unfortunately there is little you can do now, you have given the information and you can't take it back. Best case is that it is just a scam to make you pay for something which you can do yourself for free.

Worst case is that it is malicious and out to both steal your money and harvest your bank or credit card details for cloning but thankfully you stopped short of giving them that. Your email address also has value to the spammers as they know it is a genuine one so your spam count will probably increase

The really bad news is that if it is malicious I would say there is a fair chance that they could try to use your personal info for identity theft but being British they might find this bit harder to do in France. In practical terms I think all you can do at this moment is be extra vigilant and keep a very close eye on your bank and credit card statements for any sign of fraud.

Good luck !

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Re: Do you now have to pay to register as an AE???

On the positive side I am heartened to see that there are at least a few enterprising types in France Woot! [:-))]

I wonder if they themselves have registered as AE's ?

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