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Re: moving with a 16 year old

Thank you Rose for your reply.

I have looked at the school "Inter high" and it looks perfect. I have asked for more info.

My daughter will be 16 Years when we move and I now realise that a French school will be crazy.

She has ADHD and Aspergers but performs well in main stream school. Her biggest problem, like so many, will be the social side of things, so distance learning would be great.

To help her with regards to meeting people we would look at joining clubs, especially dog training classes and to be honest anything else that goes. I really hope we will end up more busy then we already are.

Once she gets to know people then she is great. I think its safe to say that she comes across as being shy.

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Re: moving with a 16 year old

But if she does not speak French, and speak it well, she is never going to meet anyone.

Sorry but this sounds like a crazy pipedream and you are going to subject your daughter to hell on earth - unless there is a lot you have not yet said.

A European Rahinja.
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Re: moving with a 16 year old

I second Andyh4's comments and all the other points made so far.

Mandy forget your dream life for a moment, and put yourself in your 16 year old daughter's situtation - how would you cope ? especially without French language skills.

"She has ADHD and Aspergers" I imagine this is difficult enough at the best of times never mind with a foreign language and different culture to get used to.

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Re: moving with a 16 year old

I would add that it can be much more difficult in France than in the UK for anyone, especially at school, with a disability or with problems learning. The often -used comparison that "France is like the UK used to be years ago" is made to imply that France has retained many positive things that the UK has long since lost, but it is equally true that France has in some cases also retained some less positive features that wouldn't be accepted or tolerated in the UK, and in many instances, a lack of tolerance towards children with learning difficulties in mainstream education seems to be one.
Does the family have someone (or several people) with a reasonable grasp of French? Yes, there are many other English people around Confolens, I'm sure..but without some way of meeting people with whom you can communicate, it's not going to be a simple road to making friends.
Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.
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Re: moving with a 16 year old

Thank you I am very grateful for everyone's replies.

Yes their is more information. But daughter does not have learning problems just the social side. Once she gets comfortable then she is amazing.
We have lots to consider and need to talk more as a family but I was just interested in the education side of things. We do have our eyes open to a lot of the possibly problems. Having a house out there already has helped to gain a better understanding and to develop friendships and no t just with the English.
Once again many thanks

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