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Re: Tissane / The

Strange but I recently had a 3 week holiday and after flying on the Saturday, by Monday I was thick with a cold and cough which really spoilt the first week of my holiday. I haven't had a cold for years and years, can't remember the last one so typical to get one then.

As for teas, I quite like the Lidl nuit tranquille tea, it has camomile and fleurs d'orange. It's cheap too.

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Re: Tissane / The

Yes, mogs, I have been drinking that one last thing in the evening though the taste (and smell) took some getting used to!

Hope you enjoyed your holiday.  The recycled air in aircraft often means a cold is inevitable after long plane journeys.

Apprendre une langue, c'est faire un voyage différent chaque jour.
from Fle pour les curieux
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Re: Tissane / The

I rather like Holland and Barratts Night time, I think it is called....... but only sometimes.

I can drink some teas all the time, ie lady grey, followed by earl grey and the others I have to fancy them.

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Re: Tissane / The

I've had a horrible hacking cough since before Christmas so I've been drinking a mixture of fresh ginger, lemon, honey and a little chilli in hot water.  Not sure if it does anything but I feel a bit better after it.  In the end I have given up with the cough and went to the Doc.  She was very good and explained that what probably started with a viral infection has been going on too long and I have probably got something bacterial as well.  She diagnosed it as 'Spastic bronchitis'
Anyway I have pills to loosen mucus, huge antibiotic pills and an inhaler that sprays powder into your lungs.
All a bit strange but it works!  After 4 days I feel nearly back to normal and the wretched cough has nearly gone!

Do not believe anything until it has been officially denied
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