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Re: Kitchen staff qualifications

I never said that ET.

I was just offering the OP a discrete way of finding out what specific qualification they need for a given job. I guess they would know.

If you have better option, please help the OP. I have taken the time to list three private courses. What one do they need, I have no idea. I would certainly find out be before paying for one.
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: Kitchen staff qualifications

Usually someone in the team has to have the hygiene certificate (which is covered in the training for the qualifications I linked to) but it is not essential for everyone to hold it.

There should be a

Plan de maîtrise sanitaire

for the establishment which outline its practices in these matters:


This is the responsibility of the owner, and there should be a section on how the plan is made known to the staff and monitored.

So I don't think that  you necessarily have to have the certificate.

All that of course is in the ideal.

It may well be that the owner has no idea, no-one has the  certificate, and there is no plan in place..

In that case it could be up to you. If it is you should be given the training at the owner's expense

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Re: Kitchen staff qualifications

I guess that because my lifelong previous career in the UK required planning and foresight, I am at this stage seeking to gen myself up on what I should be looking to achieve which will be of use in the future. Having looked for a legit job for years now - even extremely base level jobs like stacking the fruit & veg in Intermarché or making boxes for oysters advertised around here require 12 months experience and or some bac etc, I am grateful for even getting the chance of a trial at the hotel (okay - there was a personal introduction involved) with no previous other than the fact that I can turn out better food than is served in many local restaurants. I am in no way suggesting that nobody is worried about food hygiene - it is more a case of wanting to plan ahead and what are the formations that I should be seeking if this were to be my new life.
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Re: Kitchen staff qualifications

Exactly OP.

Play by the system. Don't rock the boat now that you have a job. Get the qualifications you need and build your own career.

I have seen French relatives of mine change career direction after leaving school and having to go through the 'formation' system. It is hard work....but it does work !

Not saying it is right or wrong, but it works.
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: Kitchen staff qualifications

Well done you on getting the job :-)
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Re: Kitchen staff qualifications

Norman is right - only one member of staff needs to hold the hygene qualification, and its a joke anyway.

Daily logs of freezer and fridge temperatures, logs of production dates and labels on batches of ingredients etc etc....its just a metric sh1t ton of paperwork that nobody will ever look at.
The rest was basic common sense, dont put your tongue in the meat slicer (no matter how pretty she might be!), raw/cooked meats, wash hands blah blah blah. It doesnt cover actually useful stuff like the kitchen standards for coloured chopping boards and knives or anything like that..... Basically its exactly what you would expct a French course to be like.

If the employer has not told you that you will need to go on the course, dont worry about it.

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Re: Kitchen staff qualifications

"Daily logs of freezer and fridge temperatures"
We used to fill all the daily sheets in at the end of the week !!!! and I bet we weren't the only ones.
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