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Re: French milk

They sell cheddar cheese in our Carrefour. Perhaps it's french cheddar? Wink [;-)]

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Re: French milk

Cheddar I miss, I only use cheese for cooking, cauliflower and leeks and Emmental is just tasteless (to me), it might as well be modelling putty so I bring grated cheddar back when I visit the UK and nothing much else, a chicken from Aldi because they are cheap, really good quality in an oven bag with a really solid alu tray which can be re-used for years, mustard powder, some Tesco value deodorants and thats about it.


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Smile [:)]

Re: French milk

Loiseau - yes, that's exactly right - 'lait ribot' - that's what we bought.
Nice to know it can be used for baking scones etc - will have to do some batch baking to use up this milk.
And please everyone - don't be mean about my occasional use of cheddar - we're all entitled to little tastes of home from time to time, surely ?   After all, look at the aisles full of Polish, German, Dutch, Italian food items in the UK supermarkets !!!!!

As for french cheese - particularly goat cheese - oh please, it's disgusting.   Reminds me of sick, and the smell makes me feel sick;  I obviously don't have a very sophisticated palate like some.

It was just that I was looking forward to a nice cup of tea - and the milk curdled and looked horrible - I was very surprised.
Then I thought I must find out, from the clever ones on here, exactly what I'd bought, and why I was stupid enough to think it would be alright in a cup of tea, or coffee.

So now I know - thanks for all the info.

Chessie  Smile <img src=">
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Re: French milk

Sorry Chancer, Cantal Entre Deux can do everything Cheddar cheese can do but better.

Even on toast. baked potatoes, pasta, salad ....hmmm. Truffade.....Pizza...Beefburger....omelette....the list goes on.

Cheader......overrated in my book. It is good for...???..

ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: French milk

Cantal Entre Deux does not taste anything like Cheddar, but would be OK if one didn't have to throw away the 1 - 2 cm partially decomposed layer on the outside.

It doesn't keep like Cheddar either.

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Re: French milk

Being in Dordogneshire the supermarkets tend to sell proper milk!

Why have milk in tea or coffee anyways? Isn't sugar sufficient!!!

"Cheddar" cheese is ubiquitous - initially found it rather bizarre when we visited a cheese factory in PEI, Canada that made the stuff.

As a contribution could I add that OH always keeps a tub of coffee-mate in the French house incase we run out.
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Re: French milk


Once you have tasted 'proper' cantal entre deux there is no going back to plasticky cheddar. There is another cheese closely related but I can't remember the name. It is off this world. My god it is nice.

I guess cheddar has the same decomposed layer on the outside before being chopped off for the lazy Brit market.

I like red Leicester. That is nice on toast with some pepper.
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: French milk

Chessie, I agree about goat's cheese.  It is, alas, ubiquitous around here.  There is a very popular dish called chevre chaud which is lettuce leaves with a piece of toast with goat's cheese on top.  I'd sooner skip lunch than eat that.

Cheddar cheese is wonderful, a unique flavour.  There is cheddar here called Wyke Farm (might not have the spelling right) and it is nothing like the genuine article.  Makes me think of processed Kraft cheese that is the nearest equivalent to cheese in some countries.

ALBF, maybe the cheese you are thinking of is laguoile?  If so, then I agree that it is a slice of veritable heavenSmile [:)]

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