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Re: 3 children to get into ecole maternelle...?

"Also as 'inactifs' we had no health cover from the UK so we were paying our way for that to URSSAF on top of everything else."
But as inactifs paying 8% of household income over around 10k or whatever it is for a couple, that would presumably be only a small fraction of what the OP will pay on earned income for health cover.
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Re: 3 children to get into ecole maternelle...?

 Luppers wrote:
My husband and I are just starting to look into moving to France in the next year or so and I'm doing initial research.


Translated as "he doesn't know about it yet" Big Smile [:D]


That is my conclusion after reading many such similar postings over the years plus experience of being called to quote for works, réservations and subsequent cancellations etc.

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Re: 3 children to get into ecole maternelle...?

Can one ask the basic question: Why?

Rather than focusing on childcare I would think about:
1. Brexit - will you be able to move in a couple of years without income in France or a job.
2. If this "small UK business" is to be run from France it will need to be registered in France - expensive but at least there might then be healthcare.
3. Healthcare? Not available unless working and only 70% or so of costs covered without extra insurance - (except for UK pensioners before Brexit - no idea about afterwards).
4. Do you know about the French education system? Not so free and easy as the UK!

and that is just for starters.

Lots and lots more research needed.

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Re: 3 children to get into ecole maternelle...?

I agree that Hereford's point 1. about freedom of moment for workers has to be taken into account. Remains to be seen what is decided but if the UK sticks to its insistence on stopping/curbing migration from the EU then that is going to work both ways, the migration of Brits into the EU will also be curbed. So moving to France to run a small business here might or might not be possible for a Brit.

At present though it's not correct that healthcare is not available unless working. As Sue said, legally resident inactifs can access PUMA, and this presumably will continue, the catch there is, what will being legally resident involve for Brits post Brexit. But this doesn't seem applicable here because with a young family to bring up they will need to work, so their concern is freedom of movement for workers.

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Re: 3 children to get into ecole maternelle...?

Thank you Eurotrash, a good point. Yes, we're trying to get our heads round the differences in various taxes/contributions and will bear this in mind, although to be honest we'll probably have an accountant look over our sums to make sure we don't miss anything glaring.
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Re: 3 children to get into ecole maternelle...?

Hereford - thank you for your pointers, and of course we realise a lot more research is needed, hence this being an initial enquiry. Everyone has to start somewhere! I've started with childcare because as it stands, childcare is an enormous outgoing. It would cost us over £2400 per month to put them into preschool full time in the UK. Comparable costs in France would immediately blow the idea out of the water and render research into healthcare and the education system fairly pointless!
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Big Smile [:D]

Re: 3 children to get into ecole maternelle...?

<BLOCKQUOTE><table width="85%"><tr><td class="txt4"><img src="/forums/completefrance-forums/cs/Themes/default/images/icon-quote.gif">&nbsp;<strong>Chancer wrote:</strong></td></tr><tr><td class="quoteTable"><table width="100%"><tr><td width="100%" valign="top" class="txt4"><P>

<P>Translated as "he doesn't know about it yet" <img src="/forums/completefrance-forums/cs/images/emotions/biggrin.gif" alt="Big Smile [:D]" /></P>
<P> </P>

As it happens, it's his idea.
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Re: 3 children to get into ecole maternelle...?

Hm, clearly I need more practice on how to use quotes..
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