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Re: Cost of maintenance: Var

 The Bradfords wrote:
Don't forget about the increased electricity bill that you will incur!

How did this thread escape me?
It's all in the preparation, makes sure you have a good (not mesh) cover that fits well and you can keep the pool covered when you are not there.
If the pool is being built by a half decent pool engineer make sure they fit the overflow to the skimmers to take care of excess water whilst you are not there.
Not being rented means you can use a salt water chlorinator which can run on very low setting along with the pump whilst you are not there and a pH doser to keep the water in good condition.
The better the pool the better it will stay clean.
You could then just have someone take a very quick look occasionally or if you have the internet monitor it from home or smartphone.

If you don't want much of an increased electricity bill get a good pool engineer to set up the pool to modern standards using the latest equipment and you really won't see much of an increase. Get the pool installed by someone who doesn't know how to do it and you'll receive a much bigger bill and regret the day you ever said yes. 

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Re: Cost of maintenance: Var

Having a house in the Var with a pool, I would endorse the point about electricity, as even though I had a new electric pump installed I found it expensive to run all year and if you heat the pool during the shoulder season then sky is the limit! The alternative would be to drain the pool in Winter, but water in the Var is very expensive, to the point that water evaporation due to the summer heat necessitating regular water top ups, was an appreciable expense.
I do worry about the strict children's pool safety laws in France and resulting criminal liability for non compliance, the only satisfactory answer to which in my opinion, especially if you are going to rent the property, is to build a compliant safety fence around the pool, which can be expensive.
I would not have a house in the Var without a pool, but it is my biggest house related expense after taxes and a bit like a boat the usage rarely justifies the cost!
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Re: Cost of maintenance: Var

I am advocating NOT fitting a standard pump, electricity is expensive everywhere and only going to get more so. Not only that but a standard single speed pump is not that great.

The cover was mentioned to reduce evaporation, reduce chemical usage and reduce dirt etc entering the pool.

Using the overflow from the skimmer into a water storage tank will be fine for water top ups.
Insulation added to the pool structure will save a fortune on heating costs but using solar or a heat pump (variable speed inverter type) will reduce costs for heating dramatically.

So in short NOT following those who haven't made the best of it is my advice, for those that haven't done it that well there are alternatives to correct that and you will save a lot of the running costs and could still sell your newish pump to someone on Le Bon Coin or facebook.  It's not too late to change. My pool for example €30 ish per season on electricty.

Passivpool Energy "A++" rated Swimming Pools, the lowest running costs in the Universe.
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