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Re: Help please - flour and cream!

The fat content of French creams are nowhere near as high as double cream so there is no substitute with the right taste, fixe chantilly is rubbish IMHO, you are already lacking the base cream flavour of double cream, the fixe either adds a strong cardboard taste or very sweet cardboard.


Crème fraiche, acidic but i love the tasts and use it for all sauces, I never use flour now.


Fromage blanc, to me less acidic taste than yoghurt, more bland, low fat but great as a cream substitute, I get through a couple of kg per week and make my own from UHT whole milk.


Where a double cream is needed for whipping then use Lidl crème mascarapone, the cheapest, I like the taste and its even hgher fat content you may want to dose it with single cream.


Flour I never use, I still have the same bag and also the bag of sugar that came with me in 2004!


Maizena I use in place of cornflour for thickening, its the same but different somehow, I prefer it, its also great as a laundry starch.


Editted, faiselle is a step closer to cottage cheese from fromage blanc and comes with the whey protein that would be drained from cottage cheese and sold as protein powder to body builders, dont throw it away, drink it!!!

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Re: Help please - flour and cream!

Is this really a problem, ask a little but just get stuck in and use trial and error as I found much is not quite the same and I needed to adapt.

And isn't this a good way to chat to french people, talk to them and ask about these things. They may tell you a load of tosh, it happens, but at least it is communicating and you may get good advice too and where to get local good produce.

Incidentally, I bake A LOT!! too! Always have.

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Re: Help please - flour and cream!

Chancer, surprised,  fromage blanc, a la faiselle is not like cottage cheese, either in texture or taste, well at least as far as I am concerned.

Cottage cheese is more like curds somehow. Not that I am against proper curds as I love a yorkshire curd tart and used to make curds when I lived in France, just for that tart.

When I used to buy a decent fromage blanc a la faiselle in France I used to seive it for a day or so, before using it, delicious with cream and sugar and coulis........ miam miamBig Smile [:D]

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Re: Help please - flour and cream!

So where/what exactly do the french do with the thick milk we make cream from?  Do they just smash it to bits into homogenised UHT slop?

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Big Smile [:D]

Re: Help please - flour and cream!

Wow! Thank you all for the brilliant advice, now hoping to write it all down/print it out so I can shop prepared. We have a reasonable sized Carrefour and a Lidl close by but not sure about a bio shop. We are moving to just south of Beaune so I'm sure I will find something similar in the vicinity. Stand by for more questions in due course ...
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