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Re: Unpleasant and rude guests

I am wondering why you have replied to three old threads all in a matter of 30 minutes and within an hour of joining? Just so you know Google and other search engines don't pick up on URL's in signatures on this forum, it's set specifically not to allow that.
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Re: Unpleasant and rude guests

Don't worry Quillan, I've had a look at the website and like most French sites it's full of tosh and is absolutely undecipherable


I'm not a geek, I am a technically aware early adopter
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Re: Unpleasant and rude guests

Forget I spoke.deleted post
Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.
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Re: Unpleasant and rude guests

We just spent a week renting an apartment in Bagneres de Luchon via homeaway. We rated it after we left and then I received a rating from the owner on us as guests - communication, cleanliness etc luckily it was great on both sides😊

This was from homeway and I think it’s published on their site as part of my homeaway guest profile. What a good idea - giving hosts an idea of what potential guests are going to be like.I run a biz in the Uk so know how difficult it is to please some customers !
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Re: Unpleasant and rude guests

Now DebbieB, Chancer on here had a lovely guest in his place in france that had a number two type problem in one of his beds.

I am guessing that was a bit messy to clear up.

The dream of running a gîte in France.

BTW....Chancer, how did you rate you guest ?


ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: Unpleasant and rude guests

Technically it was not a number 2 as the substance made its way back out into the world via the orifice in which is was imbibed,  forensic analysis revealed a substance that would normally be ejected by the number 2 orifice so this picoleur had enough internal problems without me adding to his grief.


I told the company that booked all the apartments that week-end (a fête aérienne) that I would be charging them for the clean up and damage but never did, too busy with other guests, you just learn to leave this stuff behind you.


The 2 Polish long term renters did not return after the Xmas break but I am very pleased about that, the money was good but they were very needy, rather loud and very messy, individually none of them a problem and collectively not bad enough to tell them to leave but every month there was a problem with the rent (they were paying a big premium) and December's rent came in cash the middle of the month the day I was throwing them out so I think the boss got the message and found somewhere else, we are half way through January and I have already covered their lost revenue with short term lettings so will come out well on top without them and have a calm and tranquil establishment once more.


Had some Russians turn up as a walk in tonight, I explained that they caught me with my pants down as I had not cleaned and prepared the apartments from the guests who left this morning, we checked both and one looked spotless as if the bed had not even been slept in, I would later find out that it hadn't, I changed the towels etc and they were good to go and very pleased, there was a lingering smell in the salon though as if someone had smoked something waccy Stick out tongue [:P] I had noticed that even though they appeared to be a couple (him under-aged as often is the case) and would normally sleep in the bedroom they had folded out the wallbed in the lounge but I did not remark on it.


The daughter of the Russian couple who is the interpreter with a few words of English came to me and said "bed in salon smell cannubus, please you not think it us!" Big Smile [:D]


Thats what happens when you decide you dont need to do the changeovers because no-one will reserve on a Sunday in January, if they do it will be on line, I will get an e-mail and can quickly do the necessary, definitely there will not be a walk-in Blush [:$]

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Wink [;-)]

Re: Unpleasant and rude guests

<BLOCKQUOTE><table width="85%"><tr><td class="txt4"><img src="/forums/completefrance-forums/cs/Themes/default/images/icon-quote.gif">&nbsp;<strong>DebbieB wrote:</strong></td></tr><tr><td class="quoteTable"><table width="100%"><tr><td width="100%" valign="top" class="txt4">We just spent a week renting an apartment in Bagneres de Luchon via homeaway. .........................................
I run a biz in the Uk so know how difficult it is to please some customers !</td></tr></table></td></tr></table></BLOCKQUOTE>

Welcome DebbieB. What took you so long?
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A friend in need's a pest. Get rid.
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