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Re: UK posters, help me out with a question about the NHS

I agree Mint, tactically discouraged. I jaundicely (new word) believe it's because money from one NHS trust must pass to the other. The hospital that did my surgery certainly seemed to want to keep me on their books.

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Re: UK posters, help me out with a question about the NHS

As I said, you'd probably have to have the stomach for it. And as I said, I guess it depends on the individual circumstances.
I guess that, if you really have an issue and feel strongly enough that you'd be better elsewhere, then you'd make the effort.
I'm also guessing that irrespective of the country you're in, seeking a second opinion or a change of professional will potentially add time to your treatment. Not always, but nonetheless, it's fair and realistic to point out that it could.
ETA Teapot, I'm not sure your jaundice is entirely well directed. My only recent experience of seeing a consultant on the NHS was after a GP referral and the GP actually asked me which hospital I would like to attend...and they were two different NHS trusts. But then I'm not sure how funding works any more because now there's also this silly system whereby some new body has to decide whether you can be referred in the first place...
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Re: UK posters, help me out with a question about the NHS

I know that changing GP's is relatively easy these days.

Re choice of  surgeons etc, I do not know, but I do believe that IF I had problems, I would ask for another surgeon to deal with me.

Fortunately I have been happy with my surgeon and had a choice of hospitals, and in fact chose one that was miles away, but it just felt right to go there, rather than the closest one, and I do not regret that decision.

My husband has had two operations since we have been back and was happy enough.

Even now it is all a little alien to me, the way it all works, but frankly, what ever we have needed has been done and to a standard we expect. Just seems a little odd sometimes, that is all.

 The only thing I cannot get my head round is how long blood results and xrays take to come back when taken routinely.

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Re: UK posters, help me out with a question about the NHS

Yes can be done but,as has been said, usually in a confrontational situation. To initially see a consultant in the NHS or privately a referral has to be made via a GP. For the NHS it is a bit of a postcode lottery still.

Once going the private route it may be difficult to return to the NHS system for the same course of treatment.

Doctors don't make monetary choices but administrators are between Dr and patient and do make such choices.
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Re: UK posters, help me out with a question about the NHS

Thanks, guys, I am now certainly more informed.  And for Betty and Id, what a relief to have got what worked for you.  May be they saw you two coming and thought, oh, oh, we aren't going to trifle with these redoubtable ladies!!!Big Smile [:D] 

The bit about sticking a pin in a map, Betty, it's a bit of a gamble, as you have pointed out.  But then, all life choices are nothing more than leaps in the dark and crossing fingers and hoping for the best.  If Someone up there somewhere has a game plan for us, they certainly don't let us catch sight of itSmile [:)]

I certainly just went along with everything that was suggested as I had not had any serious illnesses until the middle of last year and wouldn't have known how to initiate anything.  There was no time to pick and choose as the cancer was relatively rare and aggressive but I did end up with a very skilled surgeon, one rude oncologue (who was changed but who "crept back in" but with whom by then I had mended fences) and now this other surgeon (totally unsatisfactory because it wasn't the sort of operation he normally did and my last op done by him was one of the worst experiences of my life) has been removed from my treatment plan.

Changing kinés, yes, that was a cinch.  Just keep a copy of the original ordonnance and hawk it around, ask for referrals from friends and neighbours, and keep on changing until you find one that does what you consider to be good therapy.

One major difference is that the link given above does say that you have "no legal right" to ask for a second opinion.  I don't know if you have a legal right in France, my wig lady insisted that I did and removed all my anxiety at a stroke.

Last point, I believe that the French system has been described as a "hybrid" with the state paying some and the individual paying the rest.  I suppose that that could mean some flexibility in patient choice but how wide a choice that is, I wouldn't know. 

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Re: UK posters, help me out with a question about the NHS

The only thing I can add is that in this town there are definite catchement areas for signing on at a health centre.
The first one we went to refused us because we were in a different area.
OTOH there seems to be 2 or3 doctors to choose from at each centre.

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Re: UK posters, help me out with a question about the NHS

I don't know that the French system is any better re' sticking a pin in a map' to choose a surgeon. When friends have needed ops they have been provided a list but no recommendations and had to resort to asking others who've had similar ops. How often on forum do you see posts asking for recommendations for
a doctor/surgeon for this or that procedure?
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Re: UK posters, help me out with a question about the NHS

I’ve refused to have a particular surgeon in the UK, following an operation she performed on me turned into a bit of a disaster.

For a further op, I had my operation stockings and op gown on, had taken the relaxant tablets the anaesthetist gave me and my husband had just keft. I was just about to go to theatre when I found that the same surgeon in the team was to operate........... So the third op was finally done by the head consultant, who had also performed the first op.

My husband has moved from seeing private specialists to the NHS for treatment, without referrals letters from our UK GP.

He had been mis-diagnosed with epilepsy in a French hospital and put on drugs there. After being repatriated, he just phoned the private clinic where the epilepsy specialist was based (also based at our local NHS hospital) and booked with his private secretary.

Certain it wasn’t epilepsy, the consultant suggested seeing the heart specialist at the same private hospital, also a consultant at our NHS hospital.

After seeing him and having various scans and tests privately, my husband underwent treatment in the NHS hospital, at the consultant’s suggestion as my husband ddn’t have health insurance. This was about 6 months later, having waited in the NHS queue, as it wasn’t an urgent condition.

Mint, I’m so thankful that you have been able to change to a surgeon you can trust.

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