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Re: Return to the Chateau DIY

I thought this would wake you from your torpor, ALBF  Smile [:)]
There was a chateau not far from us in France which had been bought by an anglais, he did a little bit of work then gave up.The locals were very upset when it became dilapidated, (it had some historical interest), and were trying to trace him.
The trouble is, there are thousands of old chateaux in France, mostly falling down, and even the french don't want to rescue them. If interested Google La Depeche St Blancard chateau.
In our commune of about 100 people there was a chateau with date 1794 . It was a ruin, almost covered with brambles etc.

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Re: Return to the Chateau DIY

I watched a little of the first series, but frankly, the participants are not my cup of tea, at all. So have not watched this one.

Still this thread has given me food for thought, about these old grand buildings. I know that I wouldn't mind staying in one for a night or two, just to do it.

But it wouldn't matter how much money I had (ie winning the grande cagnotte), or had not, I just cannot imagine wanting to do such a thing. IF it were in my nature to maybe try and open a hotel, then I can understand that, but the very idea would never have crossed my mind. And that is perhaps the other reason why such programs are not interesting for me.

I already live in a money pit now, a victorian house and that is ' grand' enough for me, although it was not it's grandeur that drew me, but the lack of garden, ie a pocket handerchief now as opposed to tooooooo much in France, upkeep on old places is an ongoing thing.

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Re: Return to the Chateau DIY

Ive stayed in a few Chateau Chambres d’Hotes in France. They are often lovely places to stay and can be reasonably priced too.
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Big Smile [:D]

Re: Return to the Chateau DIY

If you have time to come back to France you can try Mama hotel in Dist 20. It was a very nice place!
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