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Re: Tow Vehicles For Horse Trailers

Thanks for that info. I notice that the 2.2 litre Ranger is popular and can't find the 3.6 litre for sale. Is there a premium for registration (road tax) or is it simply due to the price of fuel? Are there any other limitations in owning bigger cars? Would probably plan to have a big car for towing and skiing and a small runabout for everything else but it depends on costs of road tax, etc.
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Re: Tow Vehicles For Horse Trailers

There is no road tax as such in France. Your initial immatriculation fee depends on the capacity, power and CO2 emmissions of your car and for the latter there is an additional payment that can be pretty big for high outputs. You will presumably be buying here so if buying second hand the CO2 payment will have been done and your only concern will be the immatriculation cost. You can work it out using a simulator; https://www.service-public.fr/simulateur/calcul/cout-certificat-immatriculation
That will give you an idea about the different cost of taxing a 2.2 or 3.6 engined car. You will have to find the puissance fiscal to use the simulator.
Ré 4x4s and snow, I drove Discoveries for many years to cater for a lifestyle that involved lots of towing and ski trips and I never had any problems with traction on snow or ice, even in icy car parks towing stuck cars where common sense said it would be impossible.
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