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Re: New Builds - who sets the annual charges
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Re: New Builds - who sets the annual charges

With due respect, can't you get a much better deal elsewhere?

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Re: New Builds - who sets the annual charges

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I like that one.....a lot !!! Especially if you get the flat overlooking the lake and the mountains. Bliss !

In terms of charges, the promoter will tell what the charges will be even before it is built.

Remember also, with new builds the Notaire fees will be much much much lower. At that price level that is a big consideration over older flats.

Also, they should be built to better eco standards. So you should save on heating. Although the flat is facing North !!!

Go see the promoter. That is the sort of thing I would buy when I get old and losing my hair...many years from now.

Excessive charges (5000 k euros pa) will be appartements/apartment blocks for the elderly I should imagine. !! I would stay clear of those.
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: New Builds - who sets the annual charges

We have owned two flats in France, one we rented, out, the second we bought two years ago to move into, for the very reasons the OP outlined. I am on the Conseil Syndical (CS) for the second one and can confirm that the AGM and the CS/Syndic set the annual charges. In my experience there is no leeway to reduce your contribution (providing you do not change what you have bought). It is closely controlled via, for example, the surface area of your flat, the floor you live on for lift charges, even the area of your under ground or surface parking. Some of our neighbour who have lived in the complex for years don't fully understand how their charges are assessed.

When we sold the first flat and bought the second, our notaire was a great help in making sure we avoided some work and maintenance charges associated with the buildings. For example, giving the prospective buyers pouvoir for the AGM rather than us (they had signed the compromis, not the Acte de Vente). This meant that any works (re-roofing/ enduite etc) voted in at that AGM would be visited on the new owners, not us. The reverse for the flat we were buying.

If you are buying an older appartment, you should always go back through at least 3 years Compte Rendu for the AGMs. Often expensive, but necessary work, will be voted down at previous AGMs. This will give you an indication of what will eventually need to be done and possibly get a reduction in the price of the flat.

In the first flat we "inherited" one occupant who had not paid charges for many years. After about 10 years the (third) Syndic managed to get the flat sold to pay the charges. They were never visited on the rest of the occupants, the debt was just carried over year after frustrating year!

You should always go to the AGMs. The one in St Malo where we had our first flat was a real experience, tears, screams, people walking out, shouting and on one occasion the professional Syndic refusing to have the building as a client anymore and giving us 3 month notice!
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Re: New Builds - who sets the annual charges

I was also on the Conseil Syndical for the flat I have just sold and the AGMS were a nightmare experience.Woot! [:-))]

That looks a wonderful place Shiela. I am not at all jealous Devil [6]

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Re: New Builds - who sets the annual charges

Lehaut's post reminded me of again of the problems and expense we had with our last flat.

One big one was that one owner had not paid any contributions for over ten years, and the Syndic had done nothing except list them as a creditor in the accounts.

After getting rid of the conseil who had been involved in this and other rackets for several years, another Syndic was appointed, and a court order obtained, after a very long delay, to sell the flat.

Unfortunately only five years back payments could legally be recovered, so with the court and other charges it was an expensive exercise.

After that and similar experiences in Spain, where uninformed decisions by the committeee caused huge expenses to the owners, we have stayed away from any co-ownership property.

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Re: New Builds - who sets the annual charges

And then there is this..................[MYSRCH]

at this rate we shall probably be staying where we are!!!

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Re: New Builds - who sets the annual charges

Looks absolutely wonderful.

I don't blame you for looking at such places, you are obviously happy there and it looks splendid.

A new build sounds like a great idea, as has been said, the insulation will be excellent.  But I was wondering if you looked elsewhere??? I only ask as I used to find Lac Leman and Geneve, which I used to visit quite regularly, absolutely freezing in winter and damp, felt far colder that where I lived, and maybe the actual temperature was not even so low the dampness making the difference.

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