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Re: Fosse septique - we are at an impasse

Well Derek, that's why I am posting on here! I've not said that we are going to put in an offer or buy it anyway, I just wanted to hear some impartial advice because the only advice we have so far has come from the estate agents. I am not foolish enough to take that advice alone, hence coming here.

The house has already been reduced by £10k and the vendor was willing to reduce more for a quick sale. He has become disabled, living with his parents and needs the money. It's detached on the edge of a national park, has double glazing, central heating (gas and electric) and 2 log burners. New roof and a paddock across the road.

Seemed perfect. Too good to be true I guess.

We will walk away. Thanks for the advice. We do expect to have to get the fosse septique replaced on any rural property we buy, but like you say, we need one with a straightforward replacement, not one where there are so many unknowns.
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Re: Fosse septique - we are at an impasse

Any old school French estate agent working in a rural environment will tell you straight away what can or can't be done.

Foreign types....not so much.

Reducing a a rural property by 10 K for a quick sale ???

Hmmm.....that does not sound right either.

Reducing it by 50 k is more realistic.

Sounds to me like it is completely overpriced as well.

I maybe I am not.

ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: Fosse septique - we are at an impasse

Wrong I’m afraid. It was on for just under £60k. Now just under £50k. We’re not big spenders. Saw lots for sale in the same region for the same price. No-one wants rural properties you see. Except us.

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Re: Fosse septique - we are at an impasse

Just because it is for sale for 50k don't mean it is worth 50k.

To be fair, I think I am right in what I said.

There are thousands of houses in France that don't have any value. Especially if you can't put a fosse in them.

I think this is one of them.

Listen...if you spend 50 k on a house in will never get that money back. It is gone.

That is the same price as hiring a gîte every year at 1000 euros a week for the next fifty years. Or a 5000 euros a week palace for the next 10 years.

That is before running costs.

ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: Fosse septique - we are at an impasse

If the property was on for just under €60K then, depending on when it was first put on sale, its value is probably around 1/2 that .. but only because of the investment that the owner has done .. hopefully legally .. of a new roof and the woodburners.

So, Smeg, in this instance is not wrong.

Welcome to France.
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Re: Fosse septique - we are at an impasse

I get it. We’re walking away.

However what I would say is that the property can have a microstation installed for permanent inhabitants. We’re just not permanent inhabitants.

You’re a negative lot aren’t you? Why the assumption that I’m not listening when I’ve stated I am?

The property is worth the asking price to the right person.

Please do not assume I am thick or naive. It’s not necessary. I have taken all the advice on board. Thank you.
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Re: Fosse septique - we are at an impasse

Sherlocked, you're lovely. You're also super rare. Normally, people come to forums like this with a totally harebrained scheme, which they've already made up their minds to do, hoping that total strangers will tell them they're a brilliant visionary and should press on with said harebrained scheme regardless of any advice to the contrary.

Sadly, over many years of trying to advise people to be sensible against their better judgment, many posters have developed a bit of a tendency to push the point home a bit forcefully. This is not a reflection on you or them, but simply the result of years of trying to be helpful whilst realising that you can't always save people from themselves. I doubt anyone thinks you're a numpty, but you have to make some allowances for people who have become used to their genuine and well meant advice being frequently ignored.

If you'd been here fifteen years ago, you could well have witnessed a massive fight kick off, as the minority people with sensible advice to beware were rounded upon by the "everything in France is wonderful" contingent, who couldn't countenance any vaguely negative viewpoint, no matter how valid.

Best of luck in your search.
Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.
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Re: Fosse septique - we are at an impasse

Ah, I see. Thank you for explaining. I think I got defensive about judgements on a property that the posters have not seen and on my capacity for being taken for a ride.

I’m from Manchester, we are naturally cynical and don’t spend money easily.

It’s a lovely house and the diagnostic says it’s suitable for a microstation. Which is not suitable for us. The vendor seems genuine and the agents are trying to be helpful, but obviously they’ll only feed us positive news rather than the realism we are looking for.

I came asking if anyone had experienced something similar. Perhaps someone knew someone in the region who could advise. Maybe a micro filter would be a solution. But I realise that would be too much hassle. There are too many uncertainties and the replies have helped to cement that thought.

We’ll keep looking.
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