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Re: Exchanging driving licence - saving time and registered letters !!!

They are both a shambles, though slightly less so in the Nantes case. And if I hadn't seen it all playing out as they both  have I would never have believed it and thought they were both fairy stories ..

ex W1, via 47 and 11 and now [just] in 34, equidistant from Carcassonne, Narbonne and Béziers, where I hope we'll finally stay!!

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Re: Exchanging driving licence - saving time and registered letters !!!

Just think, if the fonctionnaires had been working their contracted hours there would probably be no queue, but then they would be bored, poor dears.

In the days when the licences were exchanged in the département I was struck by the sheer inefficiency and chaos of the process. Strict order of processing by date of receipt which meant that problem applications, often with dodgy paperwork from countries unnamed held up the whole process, then all funnelled through one person who had to recheck each one.
If this process has been inherited by Nantes then it will be simply bordel.
Returning UK licences in anticipation of Breshit is a useful way of reducing the waiting list, of course.
Ticking over, just about.
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