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Re: Vote: Your Least Favourite TV Hour

Yes Nick, another ghastly programme.

Mrs G sometimes watches it, but definitely on my ‘must miss’ list.

I mean, they start off with junk ......... and end up with junk. So far removed from The Repair Shop, where you see real craft skills displayed.
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Re: Vote: Your Least Favourite TV Hour

I have noted that there is now a new presenter on Money for Nothing, Jay Blades who I first saw in The Repair Shop.

Did not like the female presenter of Money for Nothing, and would only see some of it if OH had it on, I have not watched since Jay Blades is on it. Turn krap into krap... unbelieveable what some folks will actually buy.

As I said, I do not watch UK news, but I do watch that tragicomedy which is american politics at the moment. So I watch a lot of CNN, and frankly if I could, I would watch Fox news too, I would, to see the other side, of things.

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