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Re: Planning permission and above-ground pool

Being close to a chateau we had to apply to the batiment de France not a simple h1. Being only 1.8m from the boundary on two sides made no difference and the application went through.
Seems they make up whatever they want. Our French neighbours, born in the village did not apply or tell the Mairie and put it down as a reservoir, no problem for him as he utilised the old under 100m3 no permission is necessary.
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Re: Planning permission and above-ground pool

 Bugsy wrote:

Don't you just love france and it's wonderful interpretations of rules.

When we lived in Cornwall we wanted to build a garage.

We were told it would have to have a flat roof, which we thought sensible, as it would then not be visible from anywhere except within our property, so we submitted plans.

The plans were not approved, as the rules had just been changed, and now a pitched roof was mandatory.

So we submitted new plans for a prefabricated garage with a pitched roof.

These were refused, as they said we were in an area of outstanding natural beauty, and only a masonry garage was permitted.

We gave up on the garage; it was getting too expensive, and then plans we submitted to improve the house were refused until we added a hipped roof in Polish slate to replace the tiled one, and panels of fake stone veneer on the façade.

We had so many other problems living there that after less than two years we sold the house and moved to Spain.

On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.

H. L. Mencken 1880 - 1956

Some may not like his views, but what a prediction!
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Re: Planning permission and above-ground pool

Our first house in France was on a steep slope and we applied for permission to build a pool - we had to excavate to find a level placement.
We got permission, but they were more concerned with the distance from some overhead electricity wires (moyen).
So even if you want an above ground, maybe if it involves excavating it's classed as in-ground.
We never did complete the pool - common sense intervened. I had visions of the whole thing sliding down the hill after a heavy storm. The earth was 100% clay.

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Re: Planning permission and above-ground pool

I'm not really sure but I got my installed by
<a href="https://www.agbudget.co.uk/">AG Budget</a> and had no problems at all.
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Re: Planning permission and above-ground pool

Do they do rural France?
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