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Help - money frm gov?

Hi there

I am unsure who to go to. We have found ourselves in a very difficult financial situation. We own a chambres d'hotes and last year was very difficult due to the recession and my wife having to spend alot of the time in england looking after her ill mother (we have 2 kids so I needed to be around for them) so bookings were down greatly!

Our house is up for sale but we now had to rely on asking parents for money to live. That money has now run out and no more available to borrow. We get around 300€ from the caf currently but looking at our bilan(books) the money we owe for mortage, accountant, tax f, etc etc there is big deficit. We have been to the bank and they are not prepared to lend us any, even though once or house is sold they will get it back. Does any one who my first port of call would be. Things are desperate.

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Re: Help - money frm gov?

Go back to CAF, explain the situation as there are things they can help you with for the mortgage etc.....
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Re: Help - money frm gov?

You will probably find that a social worker visits your mairie on a regular basis.  Try having a chat with them also.

Sorry to hear about your problems and welcome to the forum, albeit the circumstances are not what one would wish for.


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Re: Help - money frm gov?

I second Copperlola's suggestion.
There will be a panel at the mairie, showing when and where the assistante sociale can be met.
They are professional welfare officers who will help you find out what financial assistance is available to your and your family.

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Re: Help - money frm gov?

Also ask your Maire where the nearest Restos du Coeur distribution is.  You should be able to register to get food for the whole family from the start of December, 

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