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Moving to Morzine

Hi All,

I have decided to move to Morzine to be with my partner who is currently living out there as we are fed up with commiting.  We have a daughter who is 7 years old and I am getting increasingly nervous about how she will settle in to School and the way of life out there.  She is currently taking private French lessons in the UK in preperation.

Can anybody help with advice on schools.  We will be living in Essert Romand and I believe there is a little school located there.  If you can share any of your experiences (good and bad) I would appreciate.  Also if anybody can provide advice on what the procedure is to get them into school out there and if I will find it difficult in getting her a place.



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Re: Moving to Morzine

As you know, the area is beautiful so you will both like it. As far as your daughter attending school there, you need to be reminded that kids adapt EXTREMELY well to new environments. If you were moving into a bad area it would be different but you are moving to a great part of the Alps. Your daughter will soon make friends and become fluent in French. Mark my words, in 2 years time you will wonder what all the fuss was about. Good luck !
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Re: Moving to Morzine

Hi Sarah,

We are moving to Essert Romand,in the next couple of months, and my 10 year old daughter will be hopfully be going to the local school. We are going out there in a weeks time to look at it and sort it out so will let you know. Be nice to know someone else in the area in the same boat!!


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Re: Moving to Morzine

very sorry to disappoint but they aren't many boats in that part of the world.......Smile [:)]
Les voyages forment la jeunesse
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Re: Moving to Morzine

Hi all

Have just found this site today. We are seriously thinking of selling up and making the move to the Alps soon, in fact have just had house valued today.  We are looking to go to Les Gets and are making a trip early August house hunting we have a 3 yo daughter so schools of obvious interest.



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Re: Moving to Morzine

Have just written on another forum page re Brittany (Morlaix) but we are in same position with 3 girls 10, 12 and 14. Would really like to move near to the sea, open as to area but would happily go where there is a good school. It's not easy finding out where they are. Also know most important for there to be a good community with a lot going on, to make friends and keep them busy.
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Re: Moving to Morzine

We live in Evian-les-Bains and it is absolutely wonderful. Cannot recommend it highly enough. Not too far from where you want to be. However, winters are very long [if sunny] and it is a very different way of life, but I am certain you understand this already.
The HS is a super place to live: all right, so it is expensive which is probably because it has such a great deal to offer, as well as it's proximity to Switzerland.
If you need any additional help or advice, please send us a pm as we have helped many people over the years, one family last year who were all set to go and live in CH but ended up hereabouts and have taken to the whole environment like the proberbial ducks to water. Bonne chance!

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Re: Moving to Morzine

 SarMar wrote:
... advice on what the procedure is to get them into school out there and if I will find it difficult in getting her a place.

Though it's been a  very  long time that I  went to school or put kids in school, I'd advise that you visit the school master/mistress on the first day of school in September. It will be announced in the press : La rentrée ! or visit la Mairie in your district and they will tell you when school is back on. I doubt they'd refuse you a place as little schools are always glad for new pupils if only to augment their 'per capita' allowance for their budget ... Have ready with you the child's birth certificate and ID etc ...

If one thing about French education is that the basic primary school structure hasn't changed much since my days, last century sometime Whistles [Www], so aged 7, your little girl should be in CE1 (Cours Elémentaire 1ère année) but for her lack of fluent French she probably will be taken to the class below : the C.P. (Cours Préparatoire) where her progress  will be monitored and from there she could well catch up with her peers. 

Not familiar with Essert Romand but I did work in Morzine for the summer season once at l'Hotel du Dahu. I loved it !! Lovely scenery, plenty of lovely walks on days off and Morzine is a lovely little town.



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