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I know it's been covered before, but sometimes, I do have trouble and end up speaking franglais, it just comes out and ofcourse we all understand it at home.

IF I ever meet anyone from here, I often wonder how much franglais would be spoken.........or maybe not? Would some people simply not understand?

Today I have had a particularly franglais day, lots of english words have not come to mind and french ones have.


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Re: Franglais

I speak it all the time, just cant help it, the French understandably are very confused, my English friends and family find me harder and harder to understand although they think its funny, the only person that does understand me is a Franglais speaking friend in La Dordogne.

A couple of years ago we met at his then flat in London and were joined by another old pal who has lived in France for 20 years, it was a real Franglais fest and for me it was so liberating to be able to communicate freely for the first time in years.

I have just finished reading a hilarious book called "Let's parler Franglais!" b y Miles Kingston, its a little gem and I consider myself priveledged to have stumbled on it, it is a summation of the column of the same name that he wrote for Punch in the 70's and 80's, I highly recommend it.

Le fameux column de punch.

Maintenant un major movie. Well, presque.

Maintenant en Paperback Pingouin!

Le quick method de Franglais. Comme parlé par M. Edouard Heath, Valery St John-Stevas etc.

Le Franglais et un doddle! Parlez Franglais et le monde et votre oyster. Apres 10 secondes vous serez un expert, un belt noir des langues - sans kidding.............

You get the picture!

I never knew that I spoke like Ted Heath!!

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Re: Franglais

Love it. I'll have to get a copy of that book.

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Re: Franglais

Probably long out of print, I just picked it up because it looked interesting, part from being really funny for me, being written in Franglais it was really easy to read.

Do a google search on Jean Claude Van Damme and see how the French se moque de lui, there are loads of youtube clips, everyone I know thinks that he has really lost the plot but in fact he after 20 years in the states he has lost his mother tongue and speaks franglais, I have seen the interviews in question and he makes complete sense to me.

The book is ISBN 0 14 00.5625 4


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Re: Franglais

I found it on the web and have ordered it now. I'm sure that we'll all thoroughly enjoy it.

J-C Van Damme, what an odd bloke he is, is it just his franglais that they moque? He has a mullet, now that was always 'odd' wasn't it?

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Re: Franglais

Idun and Chancer, you are splendid examples of franglais-speak, at least on the forum, Cool [8-|]I don't know about real life.

What I do like, (as someone who is also part of the Franglais fraternity) is to have involved and animated conversations with other bilingual friends, as we weave in and out from one language to the other.

I had a Lebanese friend once, and of course together we spoke a mixture of English and French, except that she also injected bits of Arabic inopportunément.

At home, we speak English all the time. This always seems to surprise people, but we it find normal since we  met in England, where I never spoke French. When I say we speak English all the time, of course it tends to be franglais too - English is just the baseline.Big Smile [:D]

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Re: Franglais

You must remember

The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.
- Bertrand Russell
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Re: Franglais

I'm nowhere near bilingual, though my French is reasonably good, but even I find some French words creeping into my English conversation after a few months here, especially the ones with no easy English equivalent.  Rather like the elderly French woman quoted in the local paper this week as talking about le funBig Smile [:D]

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