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blood thinners

I'd like to know how to describe in french the quality of blood that we call thin or thick. I somehow don't think it will be fin or epais.
It's a long story, but I need to know to ask the doctor something.
Could you use fluide?

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Big Smile [:D]

Re: blood thinners

I'm currently on blood thinners following internal surgery and the other day was admitted to A&E as I was bleeding - the word for thin is fluide. Fortunately it was just a bit of a scare and seemed to be a clot dispersing.
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Re: blood thinners

I am on préviscan, a 'traitement'  to 'fluidifier le sang'..(like warfarin)  to thin the blood
Also known as a 'traitement AVK' anti vitamin K.
'épais' can be used for thick
A clot is a 'caillou'..
a blocked artery  is un 'artère occlusé'

a DVT is a 'phlébite'  and a superficial phlebitis is a 'paraphlébite'

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Re: blood thinners

Thanks very much to both I know what to say now.
Hoping you have a speedy recovery, Minnie.

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