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I still get it wrong

This week, my french has taken on a life of it´s own.

Good job my friends know me and we can all have a laugh, I said ´chatain´ instead of ´chaton´, which meant that what I was saying made little sense. But worse, I got l´humour and l´amour mixed up somehow. I do know the differenceWoot! [:-))], it is just that I kept using the wrong word. And I know that that these were not the only things I made a right mess of.

Tant pis, these things happen.

This time I have been paying attention and  have realised that I do speak a lot of argot with french friends, and I have no idea how most of it is actually written.............. and with my english speaking friends we speak franglais all the time.

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Re: I still get it wrong

Chevaux/ cheveux is my 'thing' I know exactly which one I mean but always end up saying the wrong one and getting my horse cut. My most recent one was a corker though - when asked what we had eaten at a local fête meal I said 'aiguilles' instead of 'anguilles' and only realised my mistake when my friends had picked themselves up off the floor after rolling around like Smash Martians. Just as you say, it's a good job we can have a laugh with friends!

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