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Re: Piano Teaching - Autoentreprenuer or CESU?

Dear Deb,

I still live in the UK and had been enquiring about setting up a business when we move to the Lot et Garonne area in 2012, so can't recommend anyone, but can make some suggestions. Perhaps ask for a recommendation in the education section of the forum or go you your local mairie, as they seem to have a weath of info or google 'professeur du piano' in your region's yellow pages. Another idea is to go to your local school and ask the school secretary if they have anyone they can recommend or know of student's who receive tuition.  If there is a local choir you can make enquires there or a local church, especially the evangelique, who tend to be more interactive with the community. Also, many areas appear to have quite active musical groups.There must be someone out there for you.

Are you a beginner or advanced student wishing to move on with studies? What ever your level of experience, do take the time to quiz the teacher about their qualifications, experience, knowlege of solfège (music theory), what level and ages of students they teach. Don't be afraid to be proactive and ask them questions. You are effectively conducting a job interview.

Wishing you all the best, RB

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Re: Piano Teaching - Autoentreprenuer or CESU?

Lots of villages have an Association Musicale where adults and children can learn a variety of instruments and those blxxxy awful dry solfege lessons. Ask at your Mairie.

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Re: Piano Teaching - Autoentreprenuer or CESU?

I am sorry RB, but you have just made me smile!! A school secretary??? in France?? If you did find one, maybe in a Lycee, then it would not be in her/his job description to advise on piano teachers. You are lucky to get to speak to someone about your own child!!

Try your local newspaper or Le Bon Coin online.
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Re: Piano Teaching - Autoentreprenuer or CESU?

 NormanH wrote:
I visited the homes of the pupils.
...under the CESU the employer has to pay social charges on top of the payments made to you ,and they need a special cheque book....

I have recently started paying a gardener via CESU, but you don't need the chequebook any more;  I do everything online via the CESU website.   I enter on it how much I have paid the gardener for the month, and then the CESU deduct their charges from my bank account.   Very 21st century!


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