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Re: Can unemployed British people claim the RSA?

"People cannot be excluded from any benefits just because they are British" - that's exactly what the circular is saying:
"Cette position est la stricte application de la jurisprudence européenne qui accorde au ressortissant communautaire exerçant une activité indépendante un droit au séjour à la seule condition que cette activité soit réelle et effective, à l’exclusion d’activités présentant un caractère marginal et accessoire. "
so anybody, whether French or non-French, who declares a few thousand euros a year as a business income, could be refused RSA on the ground that it is not a viable business.
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Re: Can unemployed British people claim the RSA?

TBH I hope that Lou-lou was wrong and that something went wrong with the simulation that I did, the RSA for me as a single adult without dépendants is €540 per month, it would make much more sense and what I really want to believe is that if i drop below that during the winter months then they would top my earnings up to that level not automatically give me €540 per month as soon as I dip Under €500 per month, the 71% abattement making €500 into €1700 is an abberation.


In any case for me its nothing but a mental exercise, I have no intention of claiming it, for others getting back on their feet and starting a new business it seems a very sensible benefit regardless of their nationality, I still despair at and cannot understand this Brit bashing by other Brits who are better off.


Its also a little suspicious that a first time poster to this forum should resurrect a thread that had not been posted on for several years, they may have used the search forum but what was their motivation?

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