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Re: What is intermediary French ?

OH and I went shopping in T K Max in Croydon a couple of years ago and neither of us could understand a word the till assistant was saying apart from the fact that it ended with 'innit'. She was English.
The important thing is that you can do the things you need and want to do in the language required. I have to mark students work that is written in French and my French is woefully inadequate for doing that with any degree of confidence. I can now follow lunchtime conversations but as I often don't know the context of the discussions I can't always join in. Even now, when my day to day French is okay, I am still floored by a throwaway comment in a supermarket. So my French is still a work in progress and I am not satisfied with it. Many people would get by with much less, and it's at the required level for citizenship.
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Re: What is intermediary French ?

I am interested to know what a 'throwaway comment' is in a supermarket lol.

It is also a generational type thing when it comes to communication. I can handle students and kids and people of my own age. Anyone above the age of 50 and I am stumped. Well not stumped, trying to communicate back in a way without them taking offence. It is a completely different type of French. Same for French people in the UK. Nobody wants to sound like an idiot.
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: What is intermediary French ?

I have to add to this that as I have met and known people, who's french (or english) is lacking, then I know people with a real gift for language. Some learning french in their 30's with no good english grammar behind them. And I am talking language now, ie speaking, ie langue........ otherwise we would say 'ecrivage'........ wouldn't weWhistles [Www]Wink [;-)]

And this is, french people speaking english too.

These people are IMO, lucky, they obviously have the 'ear' and a brain function that deals with other languages,  some speak without an accent, or pick up the local accent, how wonderful is that and some have a little accent, but all have great vocabularies.

The rest of us, do our best or don't, is that because they do not really try or just do not have the ear at all.

I shall say again, as I do bang on about it, watch french tv, watch french soaps or detectives or hospital dramas or whatever.......... daily french is all there, the babbling and argot and the ear adapts, even my useless ear.

My written french is lousy, my written english is not good, no wonder I am lost and when anyone mentions all these grammatical terms, I feel like I am drowning in mud with it all.

I am getting old, but know that within five or six years, I had got to grips with everyday conversation, understanding what was said. Didn't stop some people not understanding my awful french accent added to the mix, the way I mangle their language, and I do try. And none of these 'manques' has stopped me.

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Re: What is intermediary French ?

But Idun, Norman won't watch French 'consumer' television or you tube. Chancer has sky TV. I can't imagine Chancer sitting down on a Sat evening watching 'la voice'.

Do they really understand France or French ?

It is a fair question !!!

Us numbties we get by Idun. I can (like yourself I guess) understand what the person is saying to me before they have finished the sentence.

Communication is not just about language.
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: What is intermediary French ?

I watched nothing but French TV for my first 8 years ALBOF, had no access to English media at all during that time.


An English teacher commented that i should start listening to the BBC or do something to arrest the decline of my English, looking at some of the old postings that i wrote at that time I can see what she meant.


I put up a parabole and got Sky as well as my Frenct TNT, and you yourself ALBOF were asking how you could get Sky in your Paris HLM you naughty boy Whistles [Www]


It was, on balance, a bad move as very quickly I stopped watching French TV, not because it is any harder for me but by comparison to what I choose to watch on SKY which is not reality TV, the voice, Britains got whatever, what is on at that time on French TV is crap.


I dont watch much TV at all as the evnings I ameither out doing sport or working on the build often till midnight, by far my favorite channel is The Travel Channel and there are some great programs from National Geographic and the BBC, many of them I have seen at our annual Festival de fim animalier international and the awfully dubbed French soundtrack often bears no relation to what the presenter was saying because the muppets leave the English audio almost at the same level, its like being in the caserne with the French trying to deal with the braying Brits all of them shouting over one another.


I really miss Thalassa, my life will be changing drastically very soon, I will have some time to set aside for disciplined French TV watching.

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Re: What is intermediary French ?

@ Chancer

I don't remember asking about installing SKY in my HLM ???

I would mind you if they still have the Star Trek Channel. Do they still have that ?

The only thing I watch on UK TV when at home is F1 and Snooker.

TV is hasbeen anyway. Kids just watch youtube these days.
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: What is intermediary French ?

Georges Pernoud is no longer going to be making Thalassa, but it will continue, however, there are a few programs that I used to love and now have gone down the nick, IMO since new people have taken over. I just hope that Thalassa is not one of them, as it is a program that we really do try and watch.

France2's Journal de 20h being the other.

And ALBF, I imagine that there are more decent or good french speakers on here than you imagine, me, I come into the as yet unmentioned category, of 'getting by very nicely, thankyou'.

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Re: What is intermediary French ?

You did, you wanted it for the kids, good move IMHO, the problem IIRC was with the copropriété and having a parabole.
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