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Re: Fish & Ships in Eymet - Arrest that Man !!!

None of the people that have peed him off so far have been young!
From what I remember about the van it was registered to his UK company for the first year or so..the company was closed after 18 months and ownership transferred to him, and then when the MOT and insurance ran out it was exported. I'm sure that doesn't fit within any of the regulations but then life doesn't always.
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Re: Fish & Ships in Eymet - Arrest that Man !!!

I'm still not going to give up my username though Big Smile [:D]


I realise that the UK vehicles being driven dangerously will be the baby boomer generation, BTW you must see French ones doing the same, its only ALBOF that only sees the British as guilty and deserved of his disdain, my reference to a young driver was regarding someone that in a previous life got taken to the clink for hooning around in a car on UK plates in a French town, the latter being what they concentrated on.


I registerd mine after a year when my insurance, road tax and MOT ran out, took me most of that year trying to find out how, only one person had done it, all the others were still on UK plates and remained that way for as long as they remained in France, they have all since returned, hard to accept that the new boy is now one of the longest standing résidents.


Now my renovation has ended I am itching for another project to do around the lettings, I may bring over my Caterham, I will probably never manage to matriculate it and it will be impossible to drive it other than like a hoon.

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Re: Fish & Ships in Eymet - Arrest that Man !!!

There are certainly Caterham's here, *****, on French plates. I guess it depends on whether yours was a kit or 'official' if such a thing existed. Kits cars are not encouraged in France.
Ticking over, just about.
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