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Re: I speak French but French what?

 woolybanana wrote:
Yes, true but be awful careful of the context when using la chienne as it is a serious insult!

Personally I have always enjoyed meeting up  with une chienne  especially if there is a chatte involved too Devil [6]

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Re: I speak French but French what?

Might as well post it Under my own thread, the title is close enough.


All this advice about you must learn French to survive or thrive in France, I am beginning to think quite the opposite now.


Tonight I have 2 german customers, 2 Polish Germans, 4 Dutch and a Spanish guy, none of them speak French and all of them either chose chez Chancer because English is spoken or they are pleased and surprised to find that I do.


My conversation with the dutch lady when she booked was in French but I could sense here hesitancy so asked if she wanted to speak English and she was very pleased.


Spanish guy has no French and just a few words of English but the Spanish I retained plus sign language was enough, and perhaps that is the key, learning how to communicate with little or no knowledge of the language, I am getting plenty of practice at that, those who only do business with their own nationality have real problems and can get frustrated and leave a bad impression.

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