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Re: culture clash!

Yes, they do like scones!  I have sometimes made tiny cheese scones for eating with cheese as a change from more bread though I myself like cheese scones with jam!

They call a sponge cake a genoese but I can't think of the word they use for flapjacks at the moment.

Carrot cake is OK as is apple cake though I usually make those for large gatherings so I can hardly go around asking how do you like the cake I brought?

As for muffins, do you use butter or oil?  I have not tried them using butter but with the oil ones, you musn't stir them too much.  I haven't made them for ages so might do a batch soon and see how they turn out.  I think they are best with fresh, juicy fruit:  oranges, apples, cherries from my neighbour's garden, figs, etc  

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Re: culture clash!

I use oil in the muffins, noted that on my recipe, 'quick and easy' which they are, with a big note...... for 'Mr Id'.

He likes them best with ginger and crystallised ginger in them!

When the stuff I made for xmas is all used up from the freezer I shall make some.

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Re: culture clash!

Our butcher gives us beef suet free of charge.

I think it's called graisse de rognon.

It has to be well refrigerated before it can be grated for mincemeat.

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Re: culture clash!

IF I asked in advance my butcher would also give me the graisse de rognon, but it was hard to get.

IF I had brought suet from the UK, then, I would prefer to keep that for dumplings, rather than mincemeat, as I could get away with grated butter in mincemeat and dumplings never taste as good with other than beef suet.

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