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Re: NOT Posting threads or replies current laptop cost me about £400: see above.
Sue: totally appreciate your comment. I wouldn't do without a landline or French mobile if I lived in France, but I don't. In fact, I have had a French landline and five (count them! That's 5) mobile accounts with different suppliers, but for one reason or another, I ended up having hassles and problems with each one, and in the end I became so sick of changing numbers and suppliers and having to sort out complications that I binned them. Not to mention the fact that giving my mobile number to people got out of hand when it was changing almost annually! As most of my French friends can work whatsapp or send a text, and immigrant friends have packages with free phone calls, the people I do need to contact don't incur extra costs if they want to contact me.
Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.
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Re: NOT Posting threads or replies

Call me Bett - there's such a thing as 'pay as you go'...   Daughter picked up phone for me in UK - cost 79 pence and pre-loaded with some £££s - that can be 'topped up' when necessary.    So not much cost involved, no contract, no nothing.
Just one emergency phone, with money, that'll get me out of any problem.    Why should I want anything more.    Can contact anyone I need by e-mail or land-line - not a problem.
We lead different lives - so my emergency mobile is all I need.
As for remembering it - well - it sits in my handbag, with my french and UK credit cards, my french carte vitale, my french driving licence, and my purse containing cash etc.   I do remember to charge it up once a week.... that's all I need to remember.   And as I always, but always, carry my handbag then I always have my mobile.   So what's to forget ?
I feel sorry for some people who are always 'plugged into' their Ipads, mobiles etc - they seem to live their lives in a bubble;  as in 'I'm so important, must follow social media, friends have to be able to speak to me instantly - they might forget me if they can't get hold of me right now, this instant....'
Don't need, don't want, don't like.
You live most of your life (I presume) in the UK and need to be in contact with everyone because of your busy working life, social life etc.
I live in France; I'm retired - I no longer need that 'urgent, busy, important' mode of life any more - thank goodness.  Looking back I'm amazed at the stress and pressure I coped with - and am so relieved that I don't have to be permanently plugged into mobiles and 'always contactable because I was so 'irreplacable, essential, etc etc'.   

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Re: NOT Posting threads or replies

Chessie. I live most of the time in the UK. That's the only bit you got right.
Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.
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Re: NOT Posting threads or replies

I do have a mobile phone, could have internet on it, but don't. I use it sometimes, and it is handy for texts.

Slave to these devices, no.

I love being sat a desk and typing on a decent size keyboard which does not autocorrect me, which as some of you may notice, my spelling is very iffy, but at least when I write 'Chessie' on here, it does not autocorrect to Cheese!

In fact, if I could get this keyboard to make something like the noise of a proper typewriter, I would be rather pleased. Although, I reckon that my husband would blow a fuse if I did.

Still does not alter the fact that for the time being, and for some time, I have been unable to sit at this PC. Also, pre getting fibre optic, we previously had Openreach,because it always is they who provide the lines for every other provider, but Virgin,  we had a disjointed connection, which was apparently 'our' fault.

Donc, an iffy connection, me not being able to sit at my desk and my posting has been limited for quite some time.

Now my pad often simply shows a Complete France and the top of the page, and NOTHING else and sometimes it works, but it is capricious to say the least.

I remember my brother, who got a HUGE lump sum when he retired, well it seemed so to me, saying, so and so is only £300. I am never jealous of what he has or anyone has, but the reality of the world is that for some of us, that is a HUGE lump sum, that £300 and has to be saved for and decided if it is necessary to fork out on. So a new pad, for the time being as we have to save for other things that are essential at the moment is a no-goer for me.

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Re: NOT Posting threads or replies

Chessie becoming Cheesy sounds rather good, proves the machine has a sense of humour.
Ticking over, just about.
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Re: NOT Posting threads or replies

 powerdesal wrote:
I reckon between £300 and £600 will get a perfectly serviceable laptop, with a warranty but unfortunately it will be Windows 10 (spit).

£309.99 with Win7. Here

A friend in need's a pest. Get rid.
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Re: NOT Posting threads or replies

Mobile/smart-phones are wonderful things - provided you can get a signal.

Here it is quite interesting to see the artisans doing work around the village, hanging out of windows with their device in their hand or standing in the middle of the square arm stretched upwards and spinning like a dervish devotee.

So no we don't have a French mobile, but do have a UK PAYG one for an emergency.

A European Rahinja.
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Re: NOT Posting threads or replies

Thanks, powerdesal. As it's still more expensive than the price I'd be able to pay for an iPad and I've been exclusively using an iPad for about 2 years without issue, I think my mind is made up. I promise not to wave it at people to le them know I've got one.'s not an inconsiderable sum for me, either..hence I'm hanging in until the situation with my current hardware becomes untenable. For me, an iPad is also a godsend when the weather is cold, as we don't have the heating on all day, and it's nice and warm in the sitting room with the log burner so I can sit in there and use my iPad..
And when I was still working, I was self employed. Not indispensable or important, just self employed. Which means that if you want potential or existing clients to contact you, a mobile is pretty important.

ETA. Why would I buy a new laptop with Windows 7 when mainstream support is already discontinued and extended support has less than 2 years to run? And when I actually have no axe to grind with Windows 10? As I've said (several times) my current laptop came with Windows 10 and can't update it because the laptop itself hasn't enough RAM. my bad, but if I get a Windows 7 computer and have, eventually, to upgrade to Windows10, I could well find the same happens again. Which is all moot if I just get another iPad.....

And Chessie...I am aware of PAYG. But you have to do the P part.... FYI I have a sim-only phone and a pay-monthly deal I can stop any day. I'm not contracted to a provider.
Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.
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