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Re: Strikes

IF I was a gambling woman, I would hazard a guess that Macron cannot win these battles.

Purely judged on all the Presidents and PM's I have seen, who have failed miserably once all the greves start.

Ofcourse I could be wrong, I often am, but it always seems that if some things can get through, then the last straw is reached and everyone has to suffer.

I think the most offensive strikers are Air France pilots. In comparison to other pilots in Western Europe are the best paid, AND do the least hours (selon french tv news).
And from my early days in France, just adored embetting those who tried to be loyal to french companies and booked with them. I learned a long long time ago to avoid Air France, and shall continue to do so.

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Re: Strikes

If Macron loses then there will be interesting consequences with Europe as they are the ones insisting on a degree of privatisation.
He has to win otherwise France is ungovernable. There are various ploys he has not used yet such as seizing union funds.
Ticking over, just about.
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Re: Strikes

Come on you must remember what deGaulle said.....that France was ungovernable😀!

I was never in a strike, but I did participate in a huge manif in Paris once, that would have been in 1994. It was said that there were a million of us.... there were lots of us, that is for sure, so who knows. I am glad I went.
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Re: Strikes

At some point, the French people will have to make a choice.

Chatting to the locals here, they have little sympathy for rail staff who have employment terms they can only dream of. But they dislike the Parisian government even more.

So despite the determination and good intentions of Macron, it would not surprise me at all if he ends up being dumped like predecessors who have tried to change things that are considered to be central to French culture. Of course, this is a rural community with a tiny population and although they consider their way of life more important than the national economy (which they feel is more relevant to Paris and the large cities), perhaps the towns will outvote the villages when the crunch comes. Who knows?
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