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Re: The answer to an age-old question?

Re someone's post earlier up - Betty -? - yes, you do find that  twins often have a dominant one even when identical.  With us, 3, the "leadership" changed often, but one was the more dominant, but not excessively so.  The nature / nurture argument is interesting, as we were brought up very much together and what was given to one was also given to the others (with one or two exceptions as talents emerged, eg musical sister got a clarinet, we two others did not)  but we were all encouraged to do what we did best, regardless.  But three distinct if very similar characters emerged.

As for language - well that was me, the more academic of the three ... but that is a much to do with schooling and application, as well as interest, IMHO.

ex W1, via 47 and 11 and now [just] in 34, equidistant from Carcassonne, Narbonne and Béziers, where I hope we'll finally stay!!

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Re: The answer to an age-old question?

To go back to the BBC programme - what aspects of language did the final test involve?
Did it include spoken language?

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Re: The answer to an age-old question?

There was a spoken element to the test, Pat, just as most robust tests would require (there's one VERY famous one, used, I regret to say, extensively in both France and Japan, which is based on the premise that if you can read and listen you must be able to speak and write, but don't get me started)
In this case, the teacher who had taught two of the twins went to Sweden with all four, and each team had a list of specific tasks to undertake involving daily situations (buying things in a shop, asking directions, asking for information etc) using only Swedish. To ensure maximum co-operation from their random Swedish interlocutors, all the participants wore t-shirts emblazoned with an explanation that they were there to test their Swedish and asking people not to respond in English, which, as we know, most Swedish people are more than capable of doing.
The tutor followed, noted how well the students managed, and marked them on their performance.

If you're not familiar with the Common European Framework for language learning and testing (which the programme used to assess and interpret the outcomes) it does require measurement of all four skills.
Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.
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Re: The answer to an age-old question?

Fairy nuff! I didn't know about the CEF for language learning.
I would fail on comprehension as I'm a bit deaf now,though not too bad on the other 3.
I love the french language, also Italian, which I've never learnt, though I know a few words.
When I was a student I had a holiday job where there were lots of Italian immigrants, and I managed to communicate with them with a mixture of latin and french. They were a lively lot Smile [:)]

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