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Re: selling checklist

We sold our house a month ago. Thought we would get ahead of the curve and had the diagnostics done well before the sale to avoid any surprises. A week before the signing, the Notiare informed us we needed a diagnostic for the drains connections for the house, even though we were on mains drains (tout à l'egout), certified by the Mayors Office. We personnally went round the various authorities to fiind out if it was true. Some said yes, some said no. One said yes but it was free, another yes but it costs 180€. The only common ground was, for our commune, it was not required until after 1 March. Our signing was mid Feb. It was just the Notaire saying we were to do it, with no legal justification. I went to see her and after a frank discussion, she agreed to put the signing (due by this time in three days) back on track without the diagnostic.

Don't know what it is like in other areas of France, nor how it works in large towns, but its another price the seller has to pay. That is before any remedial work that needs to be done to older 'hors norm' systems. Again, I am not talking about a fosse, but mains drainage.
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Re: selling checklist

I was just about to post a message saying "hooray - no fosse septique! " when I saw this one. Fascinating. We are on mains drainage and this was just a minor mention when we bought the place, so hopefully won't be a problem if we sell.....
Chrissie (81)
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