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Re: trouble makers

Caveat - never had caviar as far as I know.

My name is Richard , not Dick or any variant.
Dick is a crude name for a functional organ that is used as a derogatory name. Any reference to me as Dick will be met with equivalent response. Strange that it cant be policed better.
ex Consultant NHS

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Re: trouble makers

I've just wasted three minutes of my life reading this thread,  minutes I will never get back.   Same people,  same quarrels.

I used to be a regular (and some would say useful) contributor to the satellite technical forum on here;   what a sad lingering end I see for this forum when I venture in every three months or so,  just to see if the corpse is still twitching.

You people really should get out more.....

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Re: trouble makers

Have to agree completely, I joined the forum for sensible, rational information and advice on living in France.
How it has changed!
I also miss your very valuable input on matters technical, but completely understand the reason for leaving.
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Re: trouble makers

If you look carefully I think you will find that there is a pretty balanced approach. Technical questions are almost always answered and there is an abundance of information about France as needed or volunteered.
That being said, there are threads that go to strange places, but these can be avoided; I for one find it best to avoid threads about Breton knitting with walrus tusk needles, what I had to eat today and what music I happened to be listening to, the latter being essentially a private conversation between two of our more knowledgable members.
Too thick for a PhD!
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Re: trouble makers

This all depends on what one expects from a forum and I for one am pleased it still exists. And I am now as I have been for years, very sorry that the lurkers do not post, or not much. Boards needs posters.

I for one do not want ALBF to leave either, I enjoy his posts and relate to them.

Still, it goes back to what one expects from a board. When I found this board  I had been in France donkey's years and never expected to get information from the board. I have asked advice on the very odd occasion but remember I have been on and sometimes off this board for about 20 years now. And truly it was rare when I asked anything.

The reason I didn't ask, was because I knew how to gain information by other means and still do. Even when I spoke little french, I got stuck in and got any last bit of info I needed.... tenacious moi!

And knocking posters and saying we are half dead.......well!Big Smile [:D] lots of us are getting on now and so what........... remember that we are perfectly entitled to live our lives as we like and if we LIKE coming on here, then that is up to us and it is rather disparaging to imply that we shouldn't.

Re other boards, I have joined the odd one, but apart from a couple I didn't post and some of the others I saw years ago were not my cup of tea, even though I knew some of the posters on them..... from hereWhistles [Www].

I like this board, and I hope that this board remains.

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Re: trouble makers

Thanks idun for your support.

After the week I have had on forums. LOL

You and I know France. We live/lived in the real world. We have grafted through life in France. Especially bringing up kids.

But our opinions don't count.

Our experiences are really not in tune with someone who wants to move to/lives in a stoney house in a field in the Dordogne.

I'm going to the UK tomorrow. I can't wait.

Kids say 'We can't wait to go the UK, people are so nice'.
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: trouble makers

I was going to stay out of it, but...Martin: didn't you leave after having a bit of a spat with Quillan after a "difference of opinion"?

Selective memory and criticism has become quite a feature of this forum as well.
Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.
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Re: trouble makers

You'll have to remind me of that if it's the case YCCMB,  I remember having some off list correspondence with Quillan but I seem to remember it was entirely friendly.....?   My main reason for stopping posting on the sat forum was because someone who thought they knew more about satellite than I did turned up,  kept trying to catch me out,  and then of course when he'd "taken the field" he promptly disappeared,  leaving a void thanks to his interference......

And thank you to CeeJay,  how kind.   All that said,  of course the sat situation has been relatively stable for a few years now,   and it's also the case that so few people are coming over now (compared to the noughties) that advice is less sought after,  particularly also as so many people find ways to use the internet to get what they want from the broadcasters rather than via satellite....

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