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Re: Woolybanana and Richards51

Some clarification is needed I think.
I do not have the power or the technical ability to create a new moderator.
Moderators have a private forum where they can discuss things.
They do not have the ability to see pms or emails between forum members.
They can delete posts and ban members.

Wooly please accept my apologies for referring to you as Wolly. It was a typing error. As it happens I don't like being referred to as Hoody.
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Re: Woolybanana and Richards51

As someone who left the forum for a while on returning I found Richard51s comments to be rude and offensive at times.

Another post that I made about comments between two members concerned WB and Norman and if I remember correctly, it was Mint who put me right on the relationship between the two. So WBs posts could be read as being in a light-hearted way.

If I read the situation correctly, Richard51 posts irritates WB and he responds. But comments on this thread seem to indicate Richard51 does the same thing to other members and I will add my name to it. WB has been on the forum for a long time and the problem seems to have only started with Richard51 joining.

Hoddy sorry you are moderating on your own. Someone who I think would be good in the posts is Mint.
It is undemocratic to ask the people if a negotiated deal is what they want.

Then how can it be democratic to ask MPs for a third time if what they do not want is what they want?
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Re: Woolybanana and Richards51

Too thick for a PhD!
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Re: Woolybanana and Richards51

I agree Mint is a good choice .. I would also like to add Oiseau to the list.
Computing - it's another world
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Re: Woolybanana and Richards51

I've found some of R51's posts deliberately provocative and too personal at times. Especially on the Palestine/Israeli conflict. Which imo can't be discussed on a forum like this.
I think Wooly likes a good argument, but is never nasty.
As for who else could be a Mod, I don't envy your job, Hoddy
What happened to Russet?

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Re: Woolybanana and Richards51

Didn’t RH retire from work and France and entered the world of grandmotherhood which is full time?🤪
Too thick for a PhD!
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Re: Woolybanana and Richards51

I am humbled and touched by those who think I could be a good moderator.  Yikes, nobody has ever, to my knowledge, nominated me for anything!

Alas, I often struggle with even day-to-day stuff and often feel somehow fragile and uncertain.  NOT a good candidate as I'd question my own shadow, nevermind my judgment.

So thank you for your confidence and, should my health improve, I will certainly consider sharing Hoddy's burden.  In fact, I think we could share a good working relationship as I often find myself agreeing with her posts.

As to Richard he did direct many, many nasty posts my way over many months and I felt stalked and picked on and thoroughly fed up with the incessant niggling and needling.  But, hey, I'm not playing any victim card and I am a big girl now so I could give as good as I get (when I could be bothered)!  But I also noticed his doing the exact same thing to one or two others so perhaps I wasn't his sole or even most targeted person on the forum.

Don't know why he is keeping quiet at the moment.  Are we to expect a fussilade of insults sooner than we expect? 

Sovereignty: the right to eat cholorinated chicken.
from The Little Book of Brexit Bo ll oc ks
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Re: Woolybanana and Richards51

I wish you well with your health problems, Mint. I thought you had been more quiet recently, but thought you were being your usual positive self.
Many of us find our strength in music.

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