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Registered as auto-entrepreneur -- what happens now?

Forgive me if this rather basic question has been asked before -- but with my registration as an auto-entrepreneur now completed (officially from 1 January), and with my SIREN & SIRET numbers now nestling comfortably in a virgin filing folder, apart from the sudden spurt of junk mail and cold calls now being received, and finding myself unexpectedly acquiring at least three different registration presences on the French web, what happens now?

Mainly, at what stage do I have to start making (quarterly?) declarations and paying up hard cash? Am I waiting for some authorities to send me instructions, or is it now up to me to find out how and where to declare and to bite the bullet? If the latter, being pointed in the right direction would be highly appreciated, merci!

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Re: Registered as auto-entrepreneur -- what happens now?

Hi, if your registration date was 1st January or later, your first declaration of turnover will be made in July on earnings up until 30th June. The cotisations and tax (if you opted for 'option vérsement libértoire de l'impot) will need to be paid by 1st August. Eventually, you will be able to declare online by setting up an account on Net-entreprises.fr, and pay your cotisations by direct debit. Initially you will be contacted by RSI to provide information and documentation to register with them for healthcare and other benefits, pensions, etc, and will receive a form on which to enter your first declaration.
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Re: Registered as auto-entrepreneur -- what happens now?

Thanks for that very clear response, much appreciated! So it seems like the ball is not in my court right now, and I simply need to sit back and wait for RSI to contact me before I need to do anything else (other than swatting-away the physical and digital junk mail which my registration seems to have unleashed, that is....).

I assume in the interim that I need to at least do some rudimentary bookkeeping, filing/saving invoices, bank statements and the like.

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