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If you earn again after retiring, what happens?

If you started to earn again after retirement in France, how would your taxation situation be affected, concerning UK old age pension and govt pension, plus S1 for health cover. Would one then fall entirely under the French system and have to pay social charges where one does not at the moment?
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Re: If you earn again after retiring, what happens?

Interesting question, as if you started paying cotisations in France, it would invalidate your S1 from the UK, wouldn't it?

I know that prior to a UK pension starting, that if working in the UK and paying NI contributions, in our case, would invalidate the french S1.

IF I were you, I would call Newcastle and ask. Maybe these people can help you?

International Pension Centre on 0044 191 218 7777

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Re: If you earn again after retiring, what happens?

1) It might invalidate the S1 temporarily if anyone finds out but I am not sure of that.
2) You would be unlikely to earn enough in your state of advanced decrepitude to entitle to a MONTHLY French pension, so even if you have lost the S1 for a while you could go back on..

While of course you intend to do everything by the book some people would simply work on the black

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