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CIPAV, Malakof Médéric Agirc & Arrco???

Hi, I have a friend who recently became an auto-entrepreneur teaching English in a couple of schools and in the home. She asked my advice as she has received a fair bit of correspondence recently, including from the organisations mentioned above in the thread title, and doesn't know what is important and what is spam. Although Mrs DD is an AE, she is a commerçant rather than an professional libérale, so I am not familiar with the bodies responsible for collecting cotisations, administering healthcare, etc in such cases.

I wonder if someone out there can let me know which organisations matter for professionals libérales under the AE scheme and which can safely be ignored. Any help much appreciated as always.
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Re: CIPAV, Malakof Médéric Agirc & Arrco???

All real organisations, we have stuff from Malakof Mederic, Agric and Arrco all pensions for us and we have never needed to look into anything else that they do.

 If you do a search at the top corner of this page for  CIPAV a few posts come up about this organisation, including problems. I suppose if one is starting up, then these could be cleared up before signing up to them.

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